How badly do you want to quit smoking

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A businessman who has smoked 30-a-day for decades is to maroon himself on a remote Scottish island in an effort to quit the habit.

Former merchant banker Geoff Spice is due to land on the small isle of Sgarabhaigh, off Harris in the Outer Hebrides, over the weekend.

Mr Spice, 56, will spend four weeks in solitude with only some books and the island's sheep for company.

The island's owner Dave Hill wished him the best with his island "adventure".

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Broken In
trying to get stop myself from smoking causes tension which causes em to smoke :( I am stuck in a recursive program.


The Thread Killer >:)
^@zboy-Have you tried cutting back by atleast one a day? When you get that "tension" again, try your best to keep from lighting that another stick. It definitely takes patience and perseverance.
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