1. sling-shot

    Looking for an image viewer similar to mobile phones

    I am looking for an image viewer for Windows/Linux that shows all images in a continuous scrolling tile format like that of mobile phone galleries. Irrespective of their actual location on the computer. Is there anything like that?
  2. mohityadavx

    Random Hang

    Nowadays I am suffering random hang every second now & then . Though the system recovers from hang within few seconds itself its quite frustrating. these hang increase when i surf the internet irrespective of the browser. I am using Windows 7 and my config is in my signature. I am using ESET...
  3. bad_till_bones

    Compaq - Presario V6608AU

    Planning to buy a Compaq - Presario V6608AU notebook. Budget is Rs 35k. Any other model (irrespective of brand), plz suggest. Thnx. :)
  4. C

    speaker problem

    lately my pc speakers have started giving a strange shrill sound(like the one that comes when u adjust a mic). this sound comes when i increase the volume above a certain level using the volume knob on the speaker.also it comes irrespective of wether i'm playing an audio file,video or nothing at...
  5. plsoft

    Site for hardware prices

    except could anyone tell me other websites where i can check hardware prices, irrespective of which state the site belongs.
  6. Akshay

    Confirm Windows XP Professional files...

    How do I come to know whether a file belongs to the windows XP or is installed by some other application or may be a virus? Is there a comprehensive list of windows xp files irrespective of whether a feature is installed or not? Only some files on checking the properties show that the publisher...
  7. S

    No GIFs

    I m not able to see any gif images in my mails only irrespective of the browser i use.
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