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  1. Harsh Pranami

    Info needed regarding spectranet broadband in bangalore

    Guys, I'm really in need of a broadband. Many thinkdigit users suggested to go for spectranet as it has no fup and offers very low pings. Two days ago I called their customer care and they told me that they offer service for apartments and societies only. No individual houses. If I were to apply...
  2. V

    Task manager network utilisation is not working

    I am using Windows 8 Pro. In the task manager, network utilisation always remains at zero even though network is being used. But the individual apps and processes state the amount of network bandwidth being used.
  3. hari1

    Registering in Blackerry 10 App Challenge

    I don't know if it is the correct thread to post this question but since there is no dedicated thread for the contest, I am asking here. Since I am an individual developer, what do I fill in Company/ Institute details as I am not part of any company or institute.
  4. V

    Individual group based email notifications disabled in FB?

    Hey guys, earlier I had set individual email notification settings for all the groups I was in. That means I get only certain email notifications for certain groups, not for all the activities that happen on the group. But from yesterday, I am getting loads of notifications, which is cluttering...
  5. power_8383


    Hello guys, I am from Maharashtra. I want to join some IT institutes in Ameerpet. I want a single room(no sharing)with attached bathroom for 3 months near Ameerpet. Other area's suggestions are also welcome but they should be in 5 km radius from ameerpet. I have searched literally every...
  6. M

    How individual core restarts in multicore ?

    Hai A small doudt that I tried a lot on internet but negative How individual core restarts in multicore ? ( multicore processor ) When restart of one core is required without stopping the other core's in multicore processor ? Help me in resolving this issue Thank you in...
  7. S

    spike buster

    i want to buy a spike guard (buster) within Rs 500 with telephone protection and individual socket switch.. pls guide
  8. T

    Need Suggestions for a good surge protector

    My sub-woofer got fried yesterday when i saw a bright spark from my current pinnacle surge protector. I have learnt the lesson and i now need suggestions for a new good quality surge protector. I would prefer one with individual switches but i cant find any of the good brands to have individual...
  9. go4saket

    Can RAM of different frequency be used together?

    Hello friends! I am having 2 GB DDR2 @ 667 Mhz in my PC. I am planning to add another 2 GB to it but as 667 Mhz is not available, can I use a 800 Mhz with my present 667 Mhz. Is this going to create any problem. If not, does this mean that both will work at 667 Mhz or will perform...
  10. J

    the itwares

    how much does the itwares charge to ship an entire system (22" monitor) but not assembled ( all individual parts) to goa
  11. diffuser911

    HELP!!! Burnt my laptop's keyboard!

    First, it's my gf's laptop, so may be this is my last post if you don't help me:shock:. My stupid friend :evil:dropped a burning matchstick on the keyboard after lighting his cig, melting the key around Caps Lock. Please tell me if i could replace the individual keys, or if the whole keyboard...
  12. johnjjx

    X2 3800+,A8N-E, 1gb ddr, xp120+panaflo fan

    X2 3800+,A8N-E, 1gb ddr, xp120+panaflo fan, audigy, p4 proccy 1. amd x2 3800 (canb ocd to 2.8ghz) 1.5k some warranty left note : only proccy chip availabe if u want a hsf i can supply u with a cm xdream cooler. 2. asus a8n-e(rmad 2mnths back new pc) 1.2k warranty left around 10mnths+ 3...
  13. sachin_kothari

    Port Bandwidth Calculation in Java

    A friend of mine needs help in his project. He is doing DDoS Detection and Prevention as final year project. There are various ports for various services running on the system. He needs to calculate the bandwidth on all individual open ports of the system. How can he do it? A sample code, if...
  14. Zeeshan Quireshi

    Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions - Now Available !

    Guys , the latest edition of MS's FREE IDE is out . Get the All-In-One DVD ISO Here : http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=104679 Or Download The Individual Editions Here: http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/
  15. =CrAzYG33K=

    Suggest price for individual components..

    One of my friends has this 2 yr old system.. Can someone please suggest individual prices... If I want to sell them ? AMD Athlon XP @ 2.4 GHz Unknown ASUS motherboard 256 MB DDR Ram Samtron 15" Monitor Intex Speakers - 850W 80 GB HDD Internal Modem (for Dial up)...
  16. S

    SSH problem with Suse 10.1 & others

    Hi all, Thank for everyone reading this. This is a peculiar problem in my work place. We use OpenSUSE 10.1 in the server which is IBM x226 and we have about 35 workstation computers (mandrake 2006 in 15 ,Fedora 3 in 8 and Fedora 5 in 2 of them). When we work programmes such a C/C++ in...
  17. mail2and

    How much will i get for this?

    Hi, i was planning to sell my current setup.. so wanted to know the indicative prices that this rig may fetch. I'm listing the components here... please mention the individual prices that the components may fetch: 1. AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 2. Asus A7n266-VM 3. Samsung DVD-ROM 16x 4...
  18. koolbluez

    How to search for alt. links on individual files on the web?

    Guyz, I wanna know how to search for individual files on the web & @ ftp points... like suppose i want a file named bluez.zip which is somewhere on the web, how to get it... I saw somethin similar in DAP's alternate links option, can i get a better search feature.. search engines.. Google...
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