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  1. P

    Asphalt 8 compatibility issue

    Well, I have an Xperia ZR, and it does not support Asphalt 8. As far as I know, it has pretty decent configuration, 1.5GHz quad core processor, 2 gigs of RAM, and Adreno 320 to handle the graphics, but still Asphalt 8 is incompatible with this device. Does anyone know, with what Android...
  2. topgear

    All About ReadyBoost - Compatible & Incompatible USB Flash Drives

    ReadyBoost is the new feature of Windows Vista that improves system performance by utilising the capacity of an unused flash memory device. To obtain a list of ReadyBoost compatible Flash drives head over to the below mentioned website: http://www.grantgibson.co.uk/misc/readyboost/ For...
  3. K

    N91 4gb/n72/5700

    Ok! N91 4GB is really cheap now. N72 is good value for money at 9.8k. 5700 is cool. How do one decide? My preference will be ability to use lots of software. I read an article long ago about N91 using a newer updated version of symbian and hence became incompatible with many existing third-party...
  4. Third Eye

    How to update w810i

    I want to update my 810 via usb cable.for this i have downloaded update service from sony ericsson website but i didn't run at all, showing me "incompatible macromedia error".can anybody tell me what i have to download from macromedia.com.:confused: see screen
  5. expertno.1

    opera ! , an incompatible browser ?

    i use opera 7.54 to view internet i have a gmail account but when i log on to my account using opera the gmail tells me it is an incompatible browser ! "learn more for complete experience use compatible browser"
  6. C

    Motherboard-Monitor incompatible

    Hi all, Is there any chance of monitor incompatiblity with the motherboard.. because i think my intel 865gbf motherboard in not supporting latest 17' LG 700E monitor....it runs fine safe mode but not in normal mode i.e resolution after 800*600.......please help me....what may be the...
  7. T

    Insert the correct cd problem!

    Hi! Many times after installing the games while i try to play the game a message says" insert the correct cdrom and click ok". Is it because of the incompatible system requirements or of the pirated cd? how can i rectify that?
  8. U

    Error 34: Incompatible Version of RPC Stub

    I'm getting an error dialog box [Error 34: Incompatible Version of RPC Stub, when I install new software also whenever I use Find option in Internet Explorer, my compu runs on win98 os. Plz let me know how to remove this errorrrrrrrr!!!!
  9. G

    Zone Alarm 5 with NAV2004

    I few months back, I was suing NAV2002, I installed Zone alarm 4 on my PC , & they were incompatible, because of which NAV 2002 was unable to start the email service, or wsomethung like that. I had to reinstall windows, though after some time I found that they were incompatible, Is there...
  10. rakee

    Help me to setup

    I am :cry: bcoz in win 98 nowadays many of the setup files is not working.whenever i execute them a box appears bearing 'Unhandled exception' and some error number and describing that 'Incompatible version of the RPC stub'.Plz help me solve this and make me :D Gee thankx yaar
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