1. K

    Need help in Choosing 55 Inch LED 3D TV . Which one to buy Sony or LG or Samsung ?

    Hi i wanna buy 55 inch 3d led . Please suggest me one nice model . As of now i looked in sony (55w950b) PQ is very good but bit expensive . Is there any model which is equivalent to this or better than this . Please let me know . Thanks in advance Kiran
  2. A

    I want to buy 32 inch led tv under 30000

    help me to find 32 inch led tv with best picture quality and great sound, further it should have slim profile good looking, low power consumption and expected long service life... I don't need any technology gimmick except pure tv experience
  3. gohan89

    Want to buy 8 inch Android Tablet!!!

    I want a 8 inch tablet with Android system. Here are my requirements.. 1) Very good display...mostly for reading PDFs and ebooks and comics and occassional videos and gaming... 2) Good audio output 3) Expandable Storage with 3G capabilities.. 4) Good build quality and after sales service...
  4. C

    10 inch tablet for 15k-20k

    Parents wants a 10 inch tablet for internet surfing - mainly youtube videos and reading articles. How is iBall Slide 3GQ1035...
  5. D

    Samsung Vs LG Vs Dell

    I am planning to buy a new monitor and looking for a FHD monitor, my current one is also FHD from Samsung. Saw many posts and noticed that most of the suggestions are for Dell 2240L but I am open for VA panel as well because of fast response time. Budget is not a constraint for good 22" but...
  6. V

    Best 42 inch LED in around 50K.

    Hi, I am planning to buy new 42 inch LED TV (Full HD must, SMART desirable, 3D not required). Budget ~ 50 K (can go upto 55K). Brands I have researched LG, Samsung, Sony. Sony seems too costly. Have shortlisted LG 42LN5710, Samsung 40EH5000 , LG42LN5400 and Sony Bravia KLV-40R452A...
  7. S

    help for buying smartphone

    i am new here so , sorry for any mistakes i need to buy a good smartphone under rs 30,000 display 5.5 inch to 6 inch the bigger the better full hd is must processor quad core (snapdragon branded preferred) android v4.3 not less than that battery life medium would work atleast 8...
  8. R

    Which is best monitor ?

    Which is best monitor in 27 inch ? 1) Philips 273P3LPHEB 27 inch LCD Monitor Philips 273P3LPHEB 27 Inch LCD Monitor 3 USB Ports VGA DVI Hdmi With Bill Warant | eBay 2) LG IPS LED MONITOR 27EA63V LG IPS 27EA63V Widescreen 27" LED TFT Full HD IPS Monitor With 3 YRS Warranty | eBay Minimum...
  9. kamikaz

    42 inch LED TV help me select

    Hey all Thinking about getting a 42 inch tv.. its mainly going to end up being just used for watching soap operas and the occasional movies from pen drive. and some sports footballl and cricket.. we dont really need anything fancy .. the features i would like are Good playback...
  10. R

    Best 42 inch 3D TV under 1 Lakh...

    Hey guys, please suggest me the best 42 inch 3D tv under 1 Lakh. 2D Picture qualty, sound and connectivity comes prior to 3D. HELP!!!:confused: - - - Updated - - - Till now got these much: LG 42LA6910 samsung UA40F6800AR sony KDL-40W900A panasonic TH-L42ET60D i understand the...
  11. B

    JBL CS1215 Subwoofer [Honest Review] for Car and Home audio

    Hello Friends, Today we will be reviewing a Simple, Budget Subwoofer that goes by the name of JBL CS1215 or CS1215B. I was looking for a Pocket friendly, Sealed Woofer for my car and home use. I found this JBL woofer for quite a bargain at around INR 4k. The Woofer came with Factory designed...
  12. Z

    How much is the maximum selling price of this PC?

  13. a_medico

    1366 x 768 maximum compatible external monitor screen size?

    I had almost fixed 27 inch AOC external monitor for my 14 inch laptop, when a friend said the display wouldnt be good because of the max resolution. Max resolution of my laptop is 1366 x 768. What would be the maximum size of external monitor compatible with this resolution? Will it be too bad...
  14. a_medico

    Monitor with maximum height?

    I have decided go for either 24 or 27 inch ips panel monitor. However, my software requirement is maximum height, not width. Is there significant difference between heights of 24 and 27 inch monitors, considering the measurements are diagonal? Also, i dont want to place the monitor rotated by 90...
  15. Ronnie11

    External Hard disk(1tb) required for a budget of 4100

    Hey guys, So i need to buy a external hard drive urgently. I looked up at FK and there are a variety of options from 2.5 to 3.5 etc. Getting confused with these options, so was hoping that you could help me with these choices. Honestly i prefer WD over seagate. Have had some poor experience with...
  16. a_medico

    Monitor or TV?

    I am thinking of buying an external monitor (21 to 27 inch) for my 14 inch lenovo laptop. Purpose - 1) Basic Office use 2) Photo editing in lightroom Someone suggested me to go for LED TV instead. Which would be the better option?
  17. rohitshakti2

    [Want to Buy] 21^ - 24^ full hd IPS monitor

    I'm looking forward to buy a 21 inch to 24 inch IPS monitor in good working condition preferably dell and in warranty.
  18. K

    Need to buy DVD player+speakers+external hard dirve.

    Hello guys, I want to set up a small home theater system in my room, I need a good future proof DVD player , good Speakers and a 1 TB External hard disk. I already have Dell S2240L 21.5 inch monitor. 1. DVD player -->Must support all video and audio formats as i will download...
  19. pkkumarcool

    23-24 inch tv cum monitor

    Hey guys i need help in buying a 23-24 inch tv cum monitor i dont need full hd or anything just want good screen size both are my primary use also some gaming not hardcore but good enough.i am even ok will low resolution 1024*768 or so ..but size should be good.suggest me few models. budget-14k
  20. Harshverma

    What cabinet for 12.1 inch (30.8cm) GPU in 5.5k

    hey I am planning for a new pc , what cabinet should i buy for enough space for Sapphire 270X Toxic Edition with Tri Cooler , length 12.1 inch or 30.8 cm within 5k (max stretch 5.5k), i will most probably Crossfire after a year.
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