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  1. rhitwick

    WIN 10 context menu query

    Hi, is it possible to add an option to search in 'IMDB' on the context menu. What I want? I've folders with movie names, I want to right click on the folder and want an option in the context menu of search in IMDB. Is it possible?
  2. Thor

    My First Userscript : Imdb actor films rating viewer

    Hi Guys, I just created my first ever Userscript! Userscript are java scripts which can be hosted inside Greasemonkey add on and run on specific sites to get custom behavior / functionalities. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/177793 The above is the script I made. It does the following ...
  3. T

    Recommendations for a TV Show

    Recommend a TV show. It must be in the Drama genre and must have a very high IMDb rating. Thanx.
  4. rajatGod512

    IMDB Authentication

    Hi ! Everyone , I just wanted to ask how can I authorize my IMDB account , so that i can post on IMDB boards . So when I click on Authorize , it shoes two options : 1.Use my credit card 2.Use SMS/Text messages to my cellular/mobile phone As I dont have a credit card I clicked on SMS /...
  5. v.Na5h

    YouTube Channel Suggestion Thread

    Due to a non-unlimited Broadband connection... I never visit/click any youtube page... So i miss out on many trailers and demos which i manually/schedule using idm and YouTube Enhancer script... download during non-peak hours but still miss out most of them ...as i dont remember the videos...
  6. rajeshjsl

    the imdb help

    hello , i want imdb to display all movies above 7 ratings and by all means all and by year also or genre, how do i do that ?
  7. Lucky_star

    My Creation: Movie Disk Indexer

    MOVIE DISK INDEXER Movie Disk Indexer is an application for storing the information about the CD/DVD Movie Collection you have and index the movies in them. Some weeks ago, our forum member jal_desai had released a similar app called "Movie Collection" in this thread which had similar...
  8. Choto Cheeta

    Next Terminator coming by 2009 ??

    Hi, Saw this while on IMDB !!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0438488/ So we will have another Terminator ??
  9. sushir

    The IMDB of Gaming !!

    Check out this cool site... must be old for a few of you... but for those who did'nt know http://www.gamerankings.com sexy site !
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