1. T

    Laptop for 50-60k to use Photoshop & Corel Draw illustrator.

    I use Photoshop & Corel Draw and Illustrator. Mostly graphical tools. Brand: major brand. which is best for service/reliability. less problems. Size: 14"+ Nice display.
  2. win32.tr0jan

    [Open] Illustrator and Photoshop lagging in i5+6GB RAM

    I own Lenovo Z510 laptop with configuration - i5 4th gen, 6GB RAM, 8GB SSD(hybrid). and Nvidia GeForce 740M. Even in this configuration Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 is lagging (Even when working without textures, just plain colors). How can I optimize the settings? In Photoshop for hardware...
  3. 1

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 not working

    i tried to install the Adobe Illustrator CS6 trial version on my lappie. the browser downloads the download assistant but thereafter nothing happens...any idea as to why this is happening? i m using WIN 8 pls help me out guys
  4. R

    pc for Adobe Illustrator cs5 and Premiere?

    Hi Guys my best compliments for your forum, which I have been reading carefully, but did not find a solution to my quest, which could be interesting for other users which is the best confid for an office use, targeted to Adobe Illustrator (or other graphic programs?) below details 1...
  5. zubair.s.kazi

    digit dvd with illustrator indesign cs5 trial

    does anyone know which digit dvds have the illustrator and indesign cs5 trial versions :?: :?: :?: thanks in advance...
  6. ax3

    installing fonts in other folders ! ! !

    installing many font in default folder tends 2 slow down ur pc ......... installing fonts in other folders bt how 2 use them in photoshop, illustrator, word etc ?
  7. blackpearl

    Fedora used Adobe Illustrator to create its logo!! No matter how many open source programs are created, all professionals prefer applications like Photoshop and Illustrator when it comes to "real" work.
  8. G

    Adobe Illustrator CS2

    Please provide any solutions for this when I install Adobe Illustrator CS2, getting below mention dialogue. The wizard was interrupted before Adobe Illustrator CS2 could be completely installed. your system has not been modified. to complete installation at another time, please run setup...
  9. S

    Adobe illustrator problem

    I asked one of my friends to download adobe illustrator CS2, amazingly he downloaded a non-english version. I cant seem to find out what languagae its in. Perhaps in german (because the zip file was of 424MB and 424 was of german version only) Anyways here's the screenie to help you out. Is...
  10. G

    Microsoft Illustrator Clone : Acrylic

    As it is known by all that Windows Longhorn will have a vector based UI, & MS wants the normal user to be able to design & customize the UI in their own way, & MS Paint is quite old now, Microsoft has released beta version of it's software code named Acrylic which is basically a CorelDRAW...
  11. G

    Adobe Creative Suite 2 Officially announced

    Adobe has officially announced the new Adobe Creative Suite 2 or CS 2 today, it's a raelly big update as it's being released after almost 2 years & provide a hell lot of new features in Illustrator CS 2 & Photoshop CS 2 For a overview go here...
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