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  1. harshilsharma63

    How to remove heatsink?

    Hi, I have an Intel DH61WW. all temperatures are low except the PCH which always remains at 43 C in winters. So, I want to remove the southbridge's heatsink, apply some Arctic Silver 5, and fix it again hoping that the temperatures would lower down. But I just cant remove the southbridge...
  2. 1155

    Need a second hand/refurbished 6970/6950 for less than Rs 8K ?

    Hello, I need a 6970/6950 for real cheap. Now I need it only for app development and not for gaming. It will be stressed to its limits and hence it has to be in good condition i.e should be able to survive furmark in extreme burning mode for at least 20 minutes. It is also acceptable if...
  3. S

    Need help buying new laptop

    budget: below 55k 15-16" screen no brand preferences graphics card needed help me soon...festive season this week over here..hoping to get a good deal
  4. I

    Need a mobo

    Yeah, just bought a 965 BE and need a good mobo that goes with. Any good AM3+ mobo that's ~5k? Hoping to OC to 4ghz on air, lol.
  5. S

    Getting Started

    Hi everyone , I am Suvra and I am here for finding some latest technology information that will increase my arsenal of my brain. Hope while doing so I will have some friends here. Anyways take care everyone , hoping to have a great time here.:smile: Printing services Design and Printing...
  6. S

    Adding E75 wi-fi to my BSNL modem

    Hi All! I have a DataOne 512kbps connection and I just upgraded my modem to what BSNL calls TYPE II modem(Nokia Siemens 1600) The Device info on Router's page is given as: Software Version ID:V89.2.01.01 Firmware Version:3.12L.BSNL_01.A2pB023k.d20k_rc2Bootloader (CFE)...
  7. G

    hello everyone

    Hi Guys and Guls, This is gokul from Bangalore. happy to be part of this forum. Hoping to meet new people up here. :p
  8. BSOD

    BwTorrent Invitation

    I have been hoping to get into BwTorrent for a very long time now. Unfortunately, it never happened. I have no one to contact over there. I was hoping to find some good soul who might have a few invitations left here. Thanks. Mail : <sniped>
  9. J

    Linux Mobile OS for O2 XDA [PDA]??

    I ve searched and searched and almost giving up... I have an o2 XDA Stealth which runs on windows mobile OS.. I'm sick of it.. want to run a linux mobile OS on it.. Please let me know if this is possible.. if yes, how to do it and which mobile OS is good?? Searching on google gives me...
  10. N

    Motherboard in the 3k to 3.5 range

    Hi Guys. I am new here. And I am looking to purchase a motherboard for an Intel Core2Duo and my budget is b/w 3 to 3.5k. I was thinking of purchasing a Gigabyte GA-73VM-S2 I know the budget is pretty tight and I dont want to ask a lot but I was hoping to purchase a motherboard which supports...
  11. adit_sen

    Compaq Presario Laptop Excellent Condition

    I'm looking to sell my current laptop so I can get a newer one. These are the specs... Brand: Compaq Presario HP Model: M2202TU Processor: Intel Celeron Mobile 1.3Ghz RAM: 256MB Chipset: Intel 945 Graphics: Intel 945GM Mobile Express Graphics Video Memory: 64MB Hard Disk: 40GB Optical...
  12. saipradeepg

    Invitation required

    Hi Friends, Can you please send an invitation to saipradeepg@gmail.com for desitorrents. I'm in need of it. Hoping a positive response from your side. Thanks a lot in advance. Sai Pradeep
  13. thilina

    Want a help

    I want a proggrame to start with windows & activate this link automatically every 3 hours.Can anybody write it for me?? The link is "C:\Program Files\GetRight\getright.exe" /AUTO hoping a reply soon
  14. L

    Who do I contact

    Yo people. where I email about link exchanges! Hoping for help. Thanks
  15. S

    error 678

    i'm using BSNL dial up connection. but i'm getting error 678 while connecting, plz help me hoping that puzzle to be solved
  16. A

    How to get the Cell Number from "I'm on SMS" Status in Yahoo

    Friends, Does anyone of you know how to get the cell phone number of your buddy whenever you find his or her status is :I'm on SMS " ? Isn't it unbelieveable not to get the cell number even though you are able to send Texts to the same mobile devics from the same ID ? Hoping...
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