1. dashang

    regarding mh-cet exam

    hello, when is mh-cet exam for MBA are held ? Once or twice a year ? and when ?
  2. Alok

    E3 2015 Updates Megathread

    E3 2015 : PC Gaming Show PC-Focused E3 Press Conference Announced First-ever "PC Gaming Show" slated for June 16 E3 is going to be especially busy this year. In addition to the regular conferences from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts (as well as Bethesda and Square...
  3. MegaMind

    God of Gaming!

    Attention all Gamerz!! Time to expose your Gaming Talent! The God of Gaming contest is being held and going to be held in Banglore(22-24 April) and chennai(29April - 1 May) resp. Register here, Banglore Chennai
  4. eggman

    India to host 29 games of 2011 Cricket World Cup

    Read full news here
  5. abhijit_reddevil

    7 millionaires, four convicts among West Bengal candidates

    There are seven millionaires as also 24 candidates with criminal records, four of them convicted, in West Bengal's first phase of the Lok Sabha polls to be held April 30.:shock::-x What more development can we expect in WB? :-x...
  6. G

    ndian Premier League to move out of India: sources

    IPL Matches are gonna be conducted outside India...News comin in TV Mostly likely to be held in London or South Africa
  7. max_demon

    Download: The Suffering [Full Free Game]

  8. mavihs

    PC vs XBox vs PS

    Guys as there was a fight coming up so i thought make a new topic on the above topix. So all the console vs console vs PC fight can be held here onwards. Mods can u make this sticky so all the fight like these can take place here.
  9. saurabh kakkar

    Suggest me a hand held digital dictionary

    Hi as i m trying to increase my vocabulary So I want a hand held digital dictionary to look for the meanings of words instantly :) plz suggest me any cheapest Device (PDA/Mobile) which Can solve my purpose regards Saurabh kakkar
  10. PunjabiPRO


    Do u guys know if thr r any TEKKEN tournaments held in india???
  11. anandk

    Latest OS and Browser statistics.

    Windows Vista usage is on the rise; IE7 installations may eclipse IE6's by year's end. Vista's predecessor! Windows XP, fell a nearly commensurate percentage, according to Net Applications Windows' overall share continues to exceed 92%. Vista's share has grown from 0.2% to 9.2% since the...
  12. napster007


    when is the wcg (world cyber games) world championship is being held in delhi????
  13. P

    India to stage F1 race in 2009

    India have finally been awarded a Formula One Grand Prix race after years of trying to join the F1 fraternity. The announcement made on Thursday by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Suresh Kalmadi, came after months of speculation and will be held from 2009. "We have...
  14. hemant_mathur

    XBOX 360 Launch party invitation

    Hey just recieved a mail from merawindows.com which says that the launch party for X box 360 is being held in New Delhi on the 23 sept 6 pm onwards. register on the site for invitations.
  15. M

    Sun Certified Java Programmer

    hi guys Can you give me more info on the SCJP exam conducted by Java . Like when and where is it held and who all are eligible and etc . And are there similar certification by IBM also .
  16. A

    best hand held gaming devics

    Which is the best hand held gaming device at present post ur comments with the price and any other xtraa info and links if possible.
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