1. S

    what is the best GPU that doesn't need a good PSU to work

    Hey! I was just wondering , what is the best GPU that doesn't need a good PSU to work? Ive got one of those iBall PSUs. Whats the best GPU that can work without to much of hassle on it? Also can you give the card's estimated performance on GTA V Thanks in Advance! Shiva
  2. $hadow

    Buying chromecast

    I am looking forward to buy chromecast and want to get some input if any one has purchased it. Google do not sell it officially in India if I am not wrong so will it still be usable in India without any hassle.
  3. H

    Laptop for about 50 K for extreme laptop user

    HI ! I am extreme Laptop user (15- 18 hours a day) , as my work depends on it. So durability is important for me. I earlier had studio series dell laptop and it was very fragile. But I liked the service of the dell. (call them and they were at home replacing the part within a week without any...
  4. D

    [Query] Selling of Console games-PS3

    I heard of glyde.com, a super cool website to sell old gadgets and games but sadly it operates only in USA. Any glyde like site in India too? I want to sell the games but hassle free. What are the best ways to sell, Ive heard of olx and secondly posting here.
  5. abhi.eternal

    how to create a hindi/bengali website?

    how to create a hindi/bengali website so that it would display properly in ie, ff & opera without any hassle?
  6. shaunak


    hey, imm complimenting buying a hdd. (80gb) which brand should i choose. and how do i move all my data frm my old drive to my new drive with minimal hassle
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