1. axes2t2

    Happy Birthday Nipun !!

  2. theserpent

    Happy bday to sanudigit , CHALLENGER , icebags , buddyram, desai_amogh, ofabhishek

    Happy bday Is it really their Bday or they din't provide their real bday :D
  3. P

    plz help me to buy a backlit keyboard

    I want a backlit keyboard(wired or wireless) for my laptop under 2.5k. Thank u. And Happy new year guyz.
  4. R

    7870 - 16.5k

    How good a deal is Sapphire 7870 2GB GHz Edition for 16500?? Also, I got a price of 5500 for my old HD5850 which will celebrate its 3rd birthday on 24th Dec 2012. is this a fair enough deal?? The other attractive price I was happy to shell out today was using some FK coupons, I got the corsair...
  5. vamsi_krishna

    Happy to be back.

    Wow.. Its been a year since I have been a proper TDF user. This past year has been a bit crazy on me. Job trails, Studies, Job trails again, being away from the home, insane study night outs until 5AM, etc. Heck, being a hardcore gamer, I didn't even completed that many games. Thankfully, I am...
  6. vickybat

    Happy Birthday Megamind

  7. N

    Vote for ye'r favorite comic book character!

    Inspired from Man of Steel trailer #2 and thread to make a poll. Here's it. Vote for it. If ye'r fave not in the hot 10 (mostly 9), post it then. I prefer Batman in DC/Marvel universe but as a whole Tony's really funny! Happy comic-in', folks! EDIT: BTW, Nexus 7 is really badarse for...
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Sam, Zangestu

    Happy Birthday :)
  9. gameranand

    Happy Birthday Jaskanwar Singh & thetechfreak

    Happy birthday to both of you, many many returns of the day.
  10. S

    current psu alternative help?

    Hi all, Going to change current iball 250 W power supply as this has some problem. Please let me know the best alternative in terms of value for money and service. As I was 100% happy with iball's service. Whenever there is problem they will just replace it. Thanks a lot.
  11. dalbir

    Diwali Wishes

    I wish HAPPY DIWALI to all the members of the group.....
  12. axes2t2

    Happy Diwali everyone

    Happy Diwali everyone...enjoy ravyache ladoo and chakli and screw firecrackers because Cats hate firecrackers. *www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXfAVeSpCjU
  13. gameranand

    Happy Birthday Sumonpathak

    I know it might be a little late for this but still better late than never. Happy Birthday Sumonpathak, our master overclocker. :) May all your wishes come true, and may you have a 7970 crossfire this year. :)
  14. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday ithehappy, vamsi_krishna

    Happy Birthday :)
  15. NoasArcAngel

    The return of the birthday thread.

    DAFAQ . chalo line main lago and wish me happy birthday warna no cake for anyone. you might also want to wish arc84 , fun2sh , aaronbako. happy birthday guys. PARTY ! ico and asingh are invited. rest anyone who lives within 100km of delhi can come . ( provided you come before 4:00 pm )...
  16. ico

    Happy Independence Day!

    :mrgreen: gstRrEmTcBc
  17. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Friendship Day :)

    Happy Friendship Day :)
  18. theserpent

    Happy B'day clmlbx

    Hey happy bday clmlbx bro :)
  19. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Mrintech :)

    Happy Birthday :)
  20. theserpent

    Happy bday gameranand

    happy birthday gameranand
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