1. O

    LeEco Le2 VR compatibility?

    Dear All, I am planning to buy the Le2. quick query- i understand it comes with gyroscope support. Has anybody tested the VR handling of the mobile? I have the ANTVR headset, can i use it with the Le2? please confirm. Thanks.
  2. R

    Grid: Autosport

    Looks like nobody is excited, which is sad. I mean Codemasters literally make some of the best PC racing games. This is the latest in the series and the best features are 22 courses 100 tracks Cockpit view Handling closer to the original Grid Moving back to the TOCA roots No...
  3. R

    [Query] Who Handing Transcend SD Card RMA?

    I went to many Local shops asking who handing Transcend products ,many says dont know , some did say Accel , i went to Accel they told that they stoped handling Transcend RMA's Problem is , I Purchased 16GB MicroSDHC class4 Transcend memory card for my mobile From Flip kart ...
  4. warfreak

    Driver: San Fransisco

    I never played any of the previous Driver games(Largely due to the bad reviews) but I found SF a pleasant surprise! :-) The initial missions were noobish and handling sucked but gameplay gets better as game progresses. Anybody else played it yet?
  5. RBX

    C++: 2d char arrays | File handling

    I have a System Software lab test this Monday and we haven't been taught a thing. I tried something but am stuck at most basic things. Here is my program, I need to find function signatures from a C program and add them to array. Working with Java for quite long has totally erased whatever C...
  6. Sathish

    which is better for mid-level project ASP.NET or PHP

    which is robust and reliable for developing mid-range projects.. like handling 10lakhs data + 35 simultaneous user operation. asp.net or php...
  7. S

    What is Outlook/Thunderbird??

    hiii I am an 'experienced' pc user for years but i have never been able to understand the purpose of using windows mail or mozilla thunderbird email clients>>>>> Why would anyone use them other than for commercial uses (like-customer responses, handling large no. of mail replies...)????? Doesn't...
  8. X

    Good speakers for 5k

    hi, my friend wants to buy a quality speaker set with a budget of around 5k. Now what he needs is good quality sound in terms of handling and good deep bass. Even a 2.1 will be fine but the output should be good.
  9. it_waaznt_me

    Foobar 2000 0.9 Final released !!

    Whoa .!! The much awaited version of Foobar is now officialy out .. *Reworked UI structure, removed various redundant / rarely used features. *New: Media Library, replacing old “database� functionality. *Improved playlist management – better handling of multiple playlists, native...
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