Foobar 2000 0.9 Final released !!

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Coming back to life ..
Whoa .!! The much awaited version of Foobar is now officialy out ..

*Reworked UI structure, removed various redundant / rarely used features.

*New: Media Library, replacing old “database� functionality.

*Improved playlist management – better handling of multiple playlists, native multilevel undo and more.

*Changes in title formatting script (field remappings) to make common operations easier.

*New: Converter, replacing old “Diskwriter� component. Includes album image writing (cuesheet creation, direct encoding to MP4 with chapters), preview generation and multi-CPU optimizations. Most popular encoders are supported out-of-the-box; more encoders can be added using generic commandline encoder setup.

*Improved support for specific file formats: faster tag updates with MP3 and FLAC, new native ID3v2 support, rewritten MP4 support now including chapters, rewritten cuesheet handling with improved handling of embedded cuesheets, improved AAC streaming support, and more. YAY !!!!

*Various speed optimizations, improved UI responsivity during time-consuming operations; better handling of overkill playlist scripts.

*New: file type associations page in preferences.

*New and improved ReplayGain scanner with proper multichannel support and multi-CPU optimizations; now with option to apply RG adjustment directly to audio data in MP3 files.

*Improved audio CD support, with simple secure ripping functionality.

*Rewritten network code.

*Improved security by replacing various third party libraries with own implementations.

*Various usability improvements.

*Dropped Windows 95/98/ME/NT4 OS support. Windows 2000, XP or newer is now required.

Go ahead .!! Download it ..
Foobar2000 ..

It rocks !!!!!!!!!!


Haha my fav player for a two months now lets see the updates i got to do a fresh install after i formatted the whole stuff

I think it should also have a special version link too


its lighter than air. I mean its too simple and the best thing i ever saw but you need to mod it to make it look good
well i will definetly try this one out...but its taking years to load my playlist........might (9000) songs are more thn enough to this new baby player.........

still keep on loading .......will try how it works...

edit -works bad.....crashed



hmmm it looks good for everything but im in a habit with winamp and winamp is what i was born with (encodes and plays mp4 at 192kbps)


Coming back to life ..
Neeraj how did you get that error ..? Were you trying to create a playlist with 9000 entries ..? Please report this bug at thier forum ..
It never crashed for me yet .. I am loving it .. :D
i already had an playlist of around 9600songs..

after loading ....when i played the worked...than suddenly crashed...

i had uninstall it.......u can report....thm...

i will stick to winamp........neway thanks for the info
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