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  1. K

    Requesting split ac installation for semi underground room.

    Hi, I live in a small town near tirupur, tamilnadu. I am planning to start ENT clinic in a prominent location but could get only a semi underground Hall. The Hall has no windows and the consultation room is planned at the rear end of the Hall by partitioning. Room dimension will be 15×20...
  2. I

    5.1 Speakers till 5-6K

    Namaste Frnds! I am using Creative 2.1 SBS A235 but i need a bigger setup. Actually, I have to run some videos through my laptop on a projector in a hall of about 35 ft by 20 ft. These A235 don't serve the purpose of good sound. Should i go for some 5.1 speakers? Will they provide with...
  3. zacfx05

    inverter suggestion

    kindly let me know the choice of a home inverter for usage for 3 rooms and a hall with lights and fan ..........the price should be between 5k- 8k ,,,,,,,,
  4. Jaskanwar Singh

    Galaxy Unveils GeForce GTX 580 Hall of Fame Edition

  5. vamsi_krishna

    BioWare cofounders to enter AIAS Hall of Fame

    As reported by Gamespot... For the last 13 years, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has inducted one gaming luminary into its Hall of Fame per year. For next year, the AIAS will break with tradition to add two new creators to its hallowed Hall: BioWare cofounders Dr. Ray Muzyka and...
  6. comp@ddict

    Phenom II Tops 3d Mark 06 Hall Of Fame

    See it for yourself - http://www.futuremark.com/community/halloffame/3dmark06/
  7. Pathik

    Assembly and Microprocessors

    Which is the best book to learn this? Hows Douglas Hall?
  8. vish786

    Lan extended.... internet connection.

    i hav my telephone connection in hall and my comps r placed in the room.... i'll keep my adsl modem near d phone in hall and from their i will connect my comp and adsl modem using a 15 meter Lan cable.... will this reduce my internet speed connection ?? plz urgent reply.
  9. Rollercoaster

    The MOTHER of all online games... IRIS

    i am sure u guys have heard of the IRIS fever aka klueLESS Start KlueLESS (2005) Hall of Fame Start KlueLESS 2 (2006) Hall of Fame This game was started and is hosted by IIM - Indore one of the most celebrated online puzzle game in india was on news also. sadly a lot of guys have...
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