1. logout20

    Need Cofiguration For Cyber Cafe

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:Mozilla,Chrome,Opera,Safari..... 2. What is your overall...
  2. V

    mbbs pg abroad

    how to go about preparing for usmle, tuitions in india for usmle and how much expenditure it comes for preparation. and also guidance for medical pg in london.
  3. M

    Ext Hdd's files not visible in normal mode- pls help

    Ext Hdd's folders not visible in normal mode- pls help Experts, when i am connecting ma external hdd(80GB) the contents shows so(attached screen shot) hardly in a wish to get guided to fix ma problem, as lot of precious data contain in the 80gb. the size is perfect, so in hope that, my...
  4. buddyram

    Web2Project Tool!

    Hi PHP guys, Has anyone been exposed to Web2Project tool so far. I need the guidance in using it.
  5. mati17

    Hard Disk Partitions to make one

    Dear Forum, I've made my old (damaged) Laptop's Hard disk (IDE) portable by purchasing usb enclosure. That HDD has 3 partition : C: D: & E:. I want to make it one single drive. Please give me guidance. Thanks, Matin
  6. S

    need serious opinion

    wasted six years in engineering and now doing bsc it course from niit..i want to know how to shape my carrer and is this degree from niit is valid for the companies??? seriously need guidance totally confused..........
  7. G


    May 6, 2010 Please tell me how to create multi boot dvd (for xp pro with servicepack 3 and windows 7 ultimate, etc.) I shall be much thankful to you for your guidance. Regards. S. GURURAJAN
  8. ankushkool

    Need Guidance From Network Arch/Expert

    Hope to find someone with some experience in Networking so that i can get some guidance. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yoda

    I Would Like To Know The Career Prospect In "storage"

    Hi, I live in India. I'm thinking of taking up a Career in Storage. I would like to know the Career Prospects and hows the current Job Market for "Storage" and is it a good choice to take up a Career in "Storage" I don't know much about 'Storage" field, and I would like to know more about...
  10. ankushkool

    Intrested in Networking - Need some guidance!

    I have completed my B.E. Electronics in 2009 and an interested in pursuing my career in networking. i am currently working with Vertex in the IT department. Now i want to know it i am on the right track, n what additional efforts should i put in? is it better 2 do CCNA or a Masters in computers...
  11. IronCruz

    Guide To buy Mp3 Player

    Please give me suggetions and guidance to buy mp3 player....
  12. A

    Installing tweetdeck on Ubuntu 8.04

    I have been trying for sometime to install tweetdeck. I have Ubuntu8.04 OS. Have also tried doing what is suggested in the Ubuntu forums. Has someone done it? Any guidance will be really appreciated.
  13. Sridhar_Rao

    PHP/MySql on desktops

    I am a total newbie with little knowledge of PHP and SQLs. I am using them on my website. I want to design an application using database (tables), php/htm and MySql that can run on my own desktop. Is this possible, if so, what are the requirements and which are the freewares that are...
  14. Ecstasy

    Installing Fed 10.. need guidance

    Installing Fedora 10.. need guidance Hey, Finally after getting bored with Win XP i decided to go with Fed 10. What i need from you guys is your guidance and tips on how to go about it, firstly installing. So here are some facts ----> I got 2 HDD and in 1 HDD there are 2 partitions so 'C'...
  15. B

    free registry guide.

    Which web will help me to get complete windows registry guidance free of cost ?:confused:
  16. I

    tutorial section

    i want to download tutorial section(archieve)..need help and guidance.
  17. ajooba215

    need help about c....

    hey guys help me out....i m not a computer engineer but really want to get my hand on c and c++ on my own.....can any one please tell me whether i can learn c and c++ by just reading books and practising....and pls tell me the software in which i can type c programs....i have one software...
  18. coolpcguy

    Review my blog, please?

    Hey folks! I'm running a blog dedicated to Linux and openSource over at * Would love to hear some feedback/comments/criticism from you all. And yes, I'm a noob when it comes to Web Tech, so any guidance would be really helpful! Thanks & Cheers! Sathya
  19. S


    Hi this is sonu mittal (23) with basic computer knowledge. i m new here on this forum. i m learning PL/SQL and now i want to learn ORACLE DEVELOPER 2000.. please guide me which book (and author, publication) to refer and start with for ORACLE DEVELOPER 2000 for basic first and details later on...
  20. D

    A little bit of Guidance!!

    I buyed a second-hand Graphic Card for 500/- bugs i.e. "Nvidia Geforce Mx-400" ,i know its a old one, for temporary use,I don't know how to fit the graphic card inside the PC i.e. onto the mobo:confused: ,can any body give full guidance and i also want to know what are the drivers and softwares...
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