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  1. quicky008

    Require a little help with opengl programming-urgent

    Can someone please provide the required coding (in C)to draw the following figures using OpenGL? https://imgur.com/lRwSAKp https://imgur.com/K6RRZsV https://imgur.com/1tWEk0x https://imgur.com/ayATkwp They are needed urgently for an exam,any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Also...
  2. K

    I created a new website!

    Hello there i created a new website could you guys just check it out and see if there are any bugs in the forums or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http;//thegamersparadise.in
  3. S

    FM 2011 on Pentium 4.

    I just wanted to know the settings to run FM 2011 on my computer (P4 2.4 Ghz, 1 GB RAM and 32 mb video card) by using 3D analyzer...any help would be greatly appreciated! I cant wait to play this game!
  4. arpanmukherjee1

    reading from an access database into textboxes using C#

    i'm having problems reading information from my database and posting them into textboxes on my windows form so i can perform functions on them/ i'm trying to use the OLedb but i just can't figure it out any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. ring_wraith

    Vista Issues, Again...

    I've been using Vista for quite a while now... but its been acting up as of late. It randomly stalls. In the sense pauses, becomes unresponsive, and then continues after a few seconds as if nothing happened. If I open up some folders, they take over thirty seconds to display the contents, even...
  6. R

    problem with Laptop

    I have Dell Inspiron 1100.Whenever I try to type something like Id or use MS Word or Google search or yahoo search I get only continuous lines like this ' ] '. I thought it is a Keyboard problem I changed the Keyboard still the problem persists. I tried Virus scanner no solution. What is the...
  7. S

    C++ Adding, then loop operation

    I am very new to programming and I am trying to create an application that will add 1 to 0000000000000000000, once it has added one and creates 0000000000000000001, then if i run the function again it will make 0000000000000000001 equal 0000000000000000002. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. N

    Connecting four computers through a switch on bsnl broadband

    i have subscribed to bsnl home 750 unltd broad band plan. i have a ZXDSL 831 AII modem and D link 8 port switch (model DES 1008D). How do i connect 4 or more computers using these two? Help will be greatly appreciated. If the solution has already been posted, can someone point to that as i could...
  9. din

    Please suggest a good water purifier

    Please suggest a water purifier which works great, reliable and not very costly - for home use. Checked some, Philips, Aquaguard etc, but confused a lil. Any suggestions / comments / recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Also please mention the price range if you already use any...
  10. Choto Cheeta

    BBC Report - Global Broadband Price Compare

  11. Rollercoaster

    Any forum/discussion board for Flash

    hi guys... A friend of mine is learning flash and he was looking for some general help. I dont know much so can you guys suggest a few forums or community help places for flash programming. greatly appreciated....
  12. D

    HP 610c issues

    i cant seem to find my 610c with System>Administration>Printing i added hplip/foomatic-gui/cups.. still ubuntu edgy eft 64 cant scan for any visible printers.. and yes my printer is sqitched ON during all these times.. any help will be greatly appreciated
  13. aditya1987

    This OR That?

    Which one one these two produces better, sharper picture with vivid colour when encoding at same bitrate. Xvid 1.1.0 using 2 pass OR DivX 6.3 (1-pass) at insane quality. Your kind help will be greatly appriciated .
  14. ramprasad

    Max memory/slot

    Hi I have a Kobian 845 NFSX motherboard and my friend has Intel 845e motherboard. I would like to know maximum RAM per slot these boards can accommodate...? Any url giving a comparison across many motherboards should be greatly useful....! Tried to google, but serach ended in no...
  15. __Virus__

    Exe extractor

    Hi All, I have this sometheme.exe and since I am on limited account I don't have permission to install the exe. Is there any tool to extract the content of the executable. I have googled and tried all possible resolutions, sadly no help. Any help will be greatly appreciated. One more...
  16. R

    software for panasonic G60

    I am in need of a software which can add walpapers,edit ring tones to my panasonic G60 something of the sort of the Nokia PC Suite. A freeware will be greatly appreciated. i have tried the panasonic web site but no use please help!
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