1. D

    HP 22vx IPS Monitor

    Guys does anyone know if this monitor has a glossy or matte screen. HP 22vx IPS Monitor India
  2. C

    Which Dell monitor should I look for .... HELP !!!!!!!

    Hi folks, I am starting this thread after a bit research on monitors and need your expert advice on the same. Monitor purpose: Multimedia (games, videos) + normal internet surfing Budget: 20000 Brand: Dell basically. Size: 21 - 24 inches. Scree type : Glossy !!! OR Matt !!! ...
  3. kARTechnology

    - Eye-Strain - Matte OR Glossy for Extended use

    Previously I have been using a Viewsonic VA1918WM -19" Matte CFL-Backlit Display. For around 7 years i assume... Now moved to a LG 22EA53 -23" Matte IPS LED Backlit Display Didn't find any eye-strain. after a month now with AOC D2367PH- 23" Glossy IPS LED Backlit Display But now I feel I...
  4. D

    Second Monitor

    Hi, I have a Dell S2240L as my primary monitor for gaming and work. I don't like the glossy screen of it. I am looking to add one more monitor to my setup to increase my productivity. I am a web developer and I will love to code on one and see my output/debug. I have searched my options but...
  5. TechPlex

    Desktop Combo mayhem!

    Hi friends! I am in search of a keyboard and a mouse that matches with the overall look of the other peripherals that I will be buying for my new rig. The cabinet, monitor and mouse I have selected are all black and glossy. So I want an all black keyboard with a glossy finish. But the build has...
  6. A

    leds vs lcds

    i know that lcds can be either glossy or matte . but are leds alwayz supposed to be glossy because my friend got 1 and it is glossy.Or can they also be matte .
  7. A

    Need to decide on a laptop... Urgent

    Hi My GF needs to buy a laptop for B-School urgently (within the next 2 days max). So that kind of reduced the choices I could make. Also, other requirements were: Budget: Below 35k... All inclusive (tax, etc. etc.) Use: Mostly Internet, Office Productivity, Music, a few movies etc...
  8. P

    HD WLED Glossy display vs. 720p WLED display

    hey, i am planning to a laptop. i am in fix between two, which have nearly same configuration except for their display. what is the major difference between them?? 1.>15.6 Widescreen HD WLED Glossy Display with TrueLife (1366 X 768) 2.>15.6 720p WLED (1366 X 768) Display with TrueLife Former...
  9. kartikkapo

    22" lcd monitor

    Hello guys, I want to buy a LCD monitor. So I Want to ask the experts out here for some good suggestions. As i will be switching from a 17" CRT to a 22" LCD. 1> My budget is not more than 15,000/- 2> I will prefer a Matte screen over a glossy screen.. coz it puts less strain on eyes...
  10. choudang

    Fs: Lenovo 430 4153

    Due to some urgent requirement, I am going to selling off my new Lenovo Laptop. Config as below Intel Dual Core 667 MHz 1 MB L2, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD@5400, 256 nVidia 9300M GS (pl note, its not 128, its 256 and dedicated), 14 inch glossy display, WiFi. This one does not have camera and...
  11. goobimama

    FS: HP dv6000 notebook.

    My friend Axel wants to sell his HP notebook and get a Mac (realised the goodness of the Mac after he got the iPhone). I think the machine is somewhere 6 months old, but no warranty will be available. However, the thing has been hardly ever used, and treated like a baby. He even puts the soft...
  12. S

    Glossy or Matte Screen.

    Which is best suit for laptop.. Matte screen or glossy screen ?
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