1. Skyh3ck

    How to hide or cover Gap in your Resume !!! and get a job

    Hello guys I always wonder at what level a person can go to get a job. Many people leave job for any reason mainly being to start their own business, or family problem. now if the business works its ok, but when it does not say after spending around 1 to 2 year or more than that, and you go...
  2. K

    Please suggest something and help me..

    Sir,I am 25 yrs old.. I have 3.5 years gap between degree and MCA as i was admitted to engg course n i could not complete it . i attended syntel. i cleared written, technical. but in HR, she just checked year of passing and said that we will send results to ur college. she didnt ask the...
  3. gautam_dey66

    Graphic Card Curiosity!

    What Will Happen To My Old Graphic Card, Once I Start To Use My New Card, and Stop Using My Old Card? Will It Die Off (I Mean Stop Working After 10 Months Or So, Of Inactivity) Or Will I Be Able To Use It After A Year Or So (In That Gap The Card Will Not Be In Use and Will Be Kept In Its Box)?
  4. A

    Hard Disk "Do not Cover the hole"

    Hello I recently got my drive replaced from HP.And i also posted about the using of hdd in this enclosure Tech-Com affordable, latest, , Mobile Phones, Computer Parts, DVD, LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers I posted here...
  5. G

    backlogs after final year of B.Tech ECE from PTU. what to do now to avoid gap and utilize this time?

    I have completed my B.Tech in ECE from PTU. Result is yet to come out. I will get some backlogs for which I would appear in November. I just think having this 6 months gap won't be good. I have no idea what to do now. I'm also not much technically sound in my stream. So what are my options for...
  6. N

    How? Miracle ;)

    How come my AMD Sempron 2500 64 BIT 746 Pin & 1400 MHz beats my friends 2.2GHz Celeron on Test Softwares? Our other specs ae almost identical. Gap is 800 MHz but still it outperforms HOW? Technical reason would be appreciated Thnx
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