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  1. RON28

    [Want to Buy] Logitech g400 or g400s

    I need logitech g400 or g400s gaming optical mouse, should be in working condition.
  2. R

    Need to buy Gaming Mouse + Keyboard Combo

    Hi All, Currently i am having Logitech G105 Keyboard and G400 Mouse. The mouse after four year giving single click to double click issue. I want to replace it immediately. Any good gaming mouse to replace G400. Budget 2k The keyboard(G105) is started sticking and hard to press. To...
  3. RCuber

    Gaming Mouse replacement for Logitech G400

    Hey guys, My G400 has gone kaput and will be giving it for RMA. I want to upgrade to a new mouse and keep the RMA'd mouse (hopefully a G400s) for office use. budget is flexible and can go up to 4-5K. I mostly play only FPS (BF3/BF4). I need atleast 4+ extra buttons in the mouse. Lazer mouse...
  4. RCuber

    [Query] Logitech G400 Disconnecting frequently

    My G400 is disconnecting frequently. Initially I thought it was a incorrectly plugged in but that is not the case. The mouse would just disconnect in middle of a gaming section and immediately reconnect within fraction of a second. but that enought time for gameplay interuption and I would be...
  5. RCuber

    Replacement Mouse Feet for Logitech G400

    Hey guys, I need a super slick mouse feets for the Logitech G400, I checked on ebay and it was not available. anyone know where I can find one? My original ones are not as smooth anymore.. -Cuber
  6. bssunilreddy

    Logitech G400 Problem?

    Hai, I have a Logitech G400 Mouse which was bought in April,2012. The problem is that when I use the scroll wheel it makes a clicking sound and that sound has increased now otherwise it is working perfectly. What is the cause of that clicking sound? Is it normal for all others who are using...
  7. L

    G400 costing Rs.3100

    I contacted a retail shop about the Logitech g400. I want a new gaming mouse and they say that its cost is about Rs.3100. I told them that it might be cost of the new model g400s, they said no its the g400. They told me to go to circlect.com and look the "Rude" gaming mouse its the best. But I...
  8. R

    Need a Gaming mouse under 1.5k

    As the title suggests, I need a budget gaming mouse. I've never used a Gaming mouse before, so a entry level mouse should do the trick. The mouse should be a USB 2.0 wired one. While looks don't really matter much, but I'd rather avoid something that has flashy colors like Red. Blue is okay, but...
  9. RCuber

    Logitech G400 Configuration Query

    Hey guys I have a couple of questions regarding the G400, I have the Logitech Gaming Software Installed. 1. How do you configure a button to toggle between primary and secondary? for example I have set the forward key as secondary (2) , works fine but I need to switch between the weapons ( 1...
  10. R

    G400 Cable Replacement

    Hi All, I have the Logitech G400 Gaming mouse. It used by 10months now. Currently there is a cut in the center of the cable. Called service center as they told it is not possible to replace the cable and it is a waste now. Is anybody suggest any alternative for the cable. Thanks, Mani
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