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  1. C

    Usb port & audio disable on motherboard -g31 intel

    hi guys, my usb ports and audio was not working on my intel g31 original motherboard.i tried to go on intel website and update all drivers but it won`t work.my os is win 7 64 bit.i could not use any usb device as well as speakers.other things work well.i updated all drivers of g31 for win 7 64...
  2. S

    smps in 2k

    my old smps (odyssey) which cost me 700 bucks is getting too much noisy so i am thinking of buying a new one. i have dual core processor and gigabyte g31 board. budget is around 2 to 2.5 k. also suggest me a decent graphics card for some base level gaming (around 1.5-2k). thnx in adv
  3. sanads

    Need gpu for 2k

  4. gkiran

    Plz help in buying GPU + PSU

    I bought PC in 2009. The config is Intel Core2 Duo E7300 Processor @ 2.66GHz ASUS P5KPL-CM Motherboard (this has build in Intel G31 graphics accelator) 2GB RAM 320 GB HDD I am running Win XP on this. Now I want to upgrade RAM to 4 GB and buy a suitable GPU so that I can play Driving...
  5. R

    Best motherboard, G31 with DDR-3

    Hello .... i want to make 1 pc with G31 Chipset board asus/Gigabyte, with DDR-3 Ram , i have already Intel 3.4 Ghz, 4mb L2cache, 945, 800 Fsb Processor, help me for best solution ...
  6. G

    Gigiabyte G31

    EES is turned off Error While working I am getting this below mentioned error so pls help and why I am getting this error. WARNING: EES is turned off !! Please use EES application to turn it on again. Press any key to continue' and pc gets restarted automatically. PC Config Dual Core...
  7. Dr.tweaker

    does intel d31 chipset supports intel pentium D processors

    hi,i have an intel pentium D 2.8 with intel d101ggc2 motherboard,,,now due to some problems i plan to change my motherboard and opt for a 4gb supported intel g31 hipset motherboad from either asus or gigabyte,,,now my PC vendor says that g31 chipset motherboard does not support pentium d...
  8. A

    please help me selecting the motherboard

    I have finally selected the processor that is amd x2 7750BE....3.5k i have finally list down some motherboards... Biostar TA780G M2+ which is around 3.5k is it a good choice because i am very tight on my budget.....my budget for mobo+procc. is strictly 7k. please suggest me...
  9. A

    What is the best budget G31 mobo Asus, Gigabyte or Intel?

    What is the best budget G31 mobo Asus, Gigabyte or Intel? I might be attaching an old scanner, Intel G31 boards lack a parallel port. So basically the choice is between: Asus P5KPL-AM/PS and Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L Both cost INR 2500. Q1 - Which is the better of these two? Q2 - Is it...
  10. M

    Intel Core 2 Duo and G31 Motherboard

    Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Intel G31 chipset motherboard for sale. Processor is Intel E6300, 1066 MHz, 2 MB cache, 1.86 MHz. Motherboard is Intel G31 chipset with more than 2.6 yr warranty left. Processor less than 1 year warranty. Original bills will be provided with complete box and...
  11. sourishzzz1234

    Mobo+CPU @ 5K

    I need a decent system for Rs 5K...i cannot extend my budget at all... I shortlisted these mobo's and processors...please advice me what should i go for.... and if there is a better option for AMD at the same price.... My MOBo requirements are...:cool: 1.Good Inbuilt Graphics :D 2.Celeron D...
  12. soyab0007

    Gigabyte G31 S2L or Asus P5KPL AM/PS

    Which board should i prefer for better onboard graphics, Service and quality. I have intel dual core processor E2140 Gigabyte G31 S2L or Asus P5KPL AM/PS
  13. rohitshakti2

    Do G31 mobo hv inbuild graphics?

    Pls tell me if G31 mobo hv inbuild graphics and can we attach a graphic card in it in future? Regards
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