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  1. blackpearl

    Suggest me ROM for Micromax Funbook P300

    I'm trying to breath life into my old Micromax Funbook P300. Please suggest me a stable ROM with the least number of bugs. Should be at least Jellybean. Kitkat preferred. Thanks.
  2. D

    Looking for a budget tablet for general purposes (browsing/surfing, on-line trading, emails etc)

    Requirements: • Size: Around 7-8 inches or more if available • OS: Android Jelly Bean, capable of upgradation • Primary uses : On-line trading (regular thru sites like ICICIDirect/HDFC Sec), Browsing/surfing - hence reasonably good surfing speed with 3G • At least 1 GB usable RAM (I...
  3. B

    [ISSUE]Micromac funbook P300 battery issues

    I have a Micromax Funbook P300 which I have been using for 1 year running stock ROM.Recently I am observing some issues with battery.Even if i am not using the tab,battery gets drained off with no apps running in background and WI-FI switched off.I assume the battery has gone wrong and have to...
  4. B

    Need a tab within rs. 8000

    hi , i need a tab for basic purpose(internet browsing,gaming,music,hd playback etc) i have a tight budget of rs. 8000... i need in the tab:- ATLEAST 1. 3500mah battery 2. 1.2 ghz cpu 3. decent gpu 4. ICS os 5. 1 gb ram 6. 7 inch display(ips may be) 7. basic dongle support SIM CARD...
  5. esumitkumar

    funbook P275 vs Ainol Novo Tornado vs Veedee E10..which one to buy ?

    Hi Guys I have zeroed in 4 tablets..My budget range is strictly within 5K..Which tabs out of these should I take ? MMX funbook P275 vs Ainol Novo Tornado vs Veedee E10 vs Wickedlead Wammy 7 inch Capacitive Android 4.0 MMX funbook P275 available on indiatimes for 3964/- for today only . Also...
  6. Y

    Budget TAB within Rs 10,000

    hello..... 10,000 is a very good budget for a tablet. But your choices are not good....... Don't take these one.......you can take:- 1) Micromax funbook pro which will cost you around 10,000. It has 10" display With android 4.0......... 2) If you want a 7" display Micromax funbook infinity...
  7. PromptSpace-Kushal

    Did any one buy a funbook pro recently??

    Does anyone have a Funbook pro manufactured in October'2012??? build no: P500-D1-H1-H02-V0.1.20120927 I have bricked mine and need a CWM backup to restore it. If you have one please create a Nandroid/CWM backup and upload it somewhere. Please. To check your build number goto settings >...
  8. S

    Connecting funbook to Dell U2312HM,Possible?

    Is this possible to connect MM Funbook with dell u2312hM?
  9. esumitkumar

    How is Micromax Funbook Infinity P275 Tablet ??

    Hi All I am thinking of buying Micromax Funbook Infinity P275 Tablet..Any reviews ? Hows the tablet and from where I can get it cheapest ? Does it support Micromax data card 353G also ? Rgds Sumit 71 views and no answers :(
  10. doomgiver

    Advice regarding micromax "funbook" tablets.

    need some info/reviews regarding all the different models of the micromax funbook. feel free to post personal experience with them, any niggles, problems, etc. any sort of info is welcome. I am planning to buy one by the end of the month. ty.
  11. A

    micromax funbook talk not booting

    Three days before I bought new Micromax Funbook Talk tablet but today I put It for recharging and after that It is not booting at all .I tried recharge it from USB also but frustrating ..till today it was working fine and now this problem .I am really disappointed .
  12. P

    Screen guard for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 or micromax funbook

    Can the screenguard for Samsung galaxy tab 2 P3100 and micromax funbook be used for each other as the display size is the same i.e.17.78 cms?? I had ordered for galaxy tab 2 and they have send me for micromax funbook....
  13. R

    Micromax Funbook tablet frozen at bootscreen

    Upon restart, the device does not go beyond bootloader image (it just says "Funbook" for ever)...please help me... what can I do?..I heard about flashing....!! After flashing does it go back to it's orginal way?...or should I contact customer care for solution?...help needed guys..!
  14. D

    Micromax Funbook USB hub problem

    I bought a mmx p300 funbook last month. As it comes with a mini USB2.0 port and a standard usb connection wire, i tried to connect a flash drive ( moserbaer 8GB) and it showed up. Later I read somewhere that it is possible to connect a USB keybaord or mouse to the funbook. I went a step...
  15. G

    3G Dongle other than Tata Photon for Micromax Funbook Pro

    Hi guys, Can anybody advice,whether any 3G Dongle other than Tata Photon,can be used to connect internet on Micromax Funbook Pro? And what should be the detailed procedure for the same? Thanks in advance.
  16. D

    Do i buy Micromax Funbook or not ?

    Hey guys i am thinking that i'll buy Micromax Funbook 7 inch in next month.Suggest me do i buy this or wait another till to next month, my budget is only rs.6500 so please help me what i do ?
  17. S

    is Micromax Funbook Pro worth buying compare to other budget tabs?

    Hello, I am planning to buy a budget tab with good specs. I have choosen 1. Mcromax funbook pro 2. Karbonn smart tab 2 Can you please guys suggest me if there is any cons of these tabs. and can you please tell if i am able to connect these tabs from my phone through USB tethering...
  18. P

    Shall I go for Funbook Pro?

    Hi I wanted to buy A new Tablet strictly below 10k. My main use of tablet is for reading Ebooks(so big screen of 10 inch) and some movies. Tablet under consideration is Micromax funbook pro. Does any other Tablet with better features come under my budget?
  19. D

    funbook battery problem.

    Hello all. I am a funbook owner from few months.initially it was ok.but now it closes whenever the battery is within 50%.it just don't starts untill you plug in the charger. Please help.its not modded or anything everything is factory set. No one knows the solution?
  20. S

    Internet / APN not working through usb dongle after rooting the micromax funbook P300

    Hi, I am unable to access the internet through USB dongle on micromax funbook after rooting it. Now in APN setting I don't see default TATA profile and when I try to save a new APN profile, It shows saved but profile is not visible. I was able to access usb dongle internet earlier, I am...
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