1. C

    What is the price I can get?

    Please tell me the approx amount I can sell my pc for... Config- Pentium D 2.00GHz Msi 945GCM7-L 1 GB DDR2 kingston 800MHz 160 GB HDD SATA 2 XFX ATI READON HD 4360 frontech cabinet and power supply frontech stereo speakers, keyboard and mouse Samsung B1930 19" lcd HD...
  2. B

    Need a new cabinet

    Hi!my system specs are given in my signatr..i have an iball psu and 2 80mm fans,a fd,an optical drive along wid it.. I have a frontech caby.. I want to buy a new good budget is 1.2k max..pls sugest..
  3. C

    Suggest PSU for bare minimum system

    I want the cheapest quality psu for my system AMD X2 250 3ghz Asus m4a78lt m-le 2gb Transcend ram Hitachi 500gb sata Seagate 80gb ide LG 22x dvd writer I was using Mercury smps which came with the cabinet, one evening, computer switched off and my numeric ups was making long red beeps...
  4. billamama

    run pc on inverter during prolonged power cut

    I need help on how could I run my pc on inverter during power cuts prolonged for minimum 1hr. I'm providing my staffs please have a look and suggest how could I arrange the whole thing? my home inverter : (microtek 850eb) specification : UPS EB at present I run my pc on this ups...
  5. avichandana20000

    Gpu required.

    my friend's config: Motherboard – DG31PR RAM – DDR2 (2GB) PROCESSOR – C2D 2.93-E7500 SMPS – 450W Frontech Slot – PCI –Express x16 Cabinet Frontech Jaguar Cabinet Space – distance between two panel 13cm After googling i found NVIDIA Geforce 9800. What else can be used? Budget...
  6. ayushman9

    Frontech cam JIL 2225 Windows 7 installation problem

    I purchased frontech web cam JIL 2225 of 5 MP yesterday . I have win 7 home premium installed . Now i t was my fault that before installing the cd provided with it i plugged it manually ( USB 1.0 ) . It is definetly drawing power ,as its light provided in the camera is lighted up . However as...
  7. Sathish

    Want Web Cam driver for ubuntu 9.10

    Want Web Cam driver for ubuntu 9.10 64 bit Pl help early as possible.:cry: Web cam model: Frontech e-cam - 2 megapixel camera..
  8. karnivore

    Z-Link webcam software needed - Help

    I am looking for the Z-Link webcam software, which came along with a frontech webcam, that I was using recently. But due to a renovation work at my place, I seem to have misplaced the disk, which also contained the drivers. I have downloaded the drivers from the frontech site, but this software...
  9. A

    pc crash at 52 deg celcius

    hi i would like you to help me out my pc config(its really old): intel p4 2.66ghz msi 7010 mboard 768 mb ddr ram(400mhz) frontech 450 watts psu nvidia geforce 6200 agp win xp prof.sp2 seagate 80 gb hdd(maybe barracuda,not really sure) about a week ago when i was playing gta san andreas,some...
  10. R

    wireless headphone within rs 1000

    hello, please suggest a wireless headphone with in rs 1000. :) frontech is available for rs 500. is it any good ? any other available like iball, etc ?
  11. G

    frontech tv tuner problem

    guys i need help, i recently bought frontech jil-0606 internel tvtuner card, i did what the manual said, i installed the driver and software. It was succesful in few attempts. Now i have few problems: 1.Remote is not working 2.No sound ohnly few channel..doordarshan ones and one or two...
  12. J

    need driver

    i m having jil 0606 tv tuner card by frontech google no help frontech website no help if some 1 hv plz if any thing u can help plzzz i called frontech people and told them so many thing about hell website of frontech:mad: and they said "sorry" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plz...
  13. avi1708

    What PSU should I buy for this configuration ??

    intel core2duo e6540 msi geforce 8800gt 512mb oc motherboard(something under about Rs.3000) 2x sata2 hdd 1 optical(dvd) drive 17" crt monitor 3.1ch speakers,peripherals :confused: do i even need to buy a sperate psu or should i just go for stuff that comes inegrated with most cabinets, like...
  14. A

    Frontech ecam vs Branded webcams ?

    hi i 'm on a hunt for webcams. well..u guys might well know what do we look or in a webcam we want.. i jus checked out he frontech e-cam, its dirt-cheap at 800 bucks and the image and video quality is amazing for its price. i wanted to knw if Logitech or Microsoft webcams are better than the...
  15. E

    Vista and Frontech tv tuner card

    I recently installed vista and tried win dvr (bundled software) for frontech tv tuner card But i was not able to scan for the channels . Please some one suggest me more softwares that does the tv tuning for vista
  16. M

    Driver for Frontech E cam jil 2215

    My Frontech eCam jil 2215 not working in Windows Vista Home premium. Driver not supporting in vista. Can any one Help me please.......... ?
  17. abhishek_sharma

    FS: Frontech PCI Internal TV Tuner Card

    For Sale: Frontech Internal TV Tuner Card for Rs.700 + 50 for shipping Used for about 1.5 year....working in prime condition but I wanted to buy a new Pinnacle PCTV card...
  18. A

    Help needed on frontech webcam

    I recently buyed frontech e-cm JIL-2218 webcam. My problem is when I connected webcam to my pc via usb and installed drivers provided on cd,alongwith a managing software. Whenever I try to use the software to use the webcam a message appears saying: “sorry, you have no video capture hardware”...
  19. R

    CD cleaner - Rs 80 ok or not ?

    well , I need to clean my Dvd-rw , I heard about CD cleaner , but no DVD-cleaner . I phoned to my computer shop they said Frontech CD drive cleaner CD is Rs 80 . is that ok ? << By CD cleaner I meant to say it is a cd with have a tiny brush associated with it and nothing else , when it...
  20. rohan

    Not able to use my usb modem with linux

    Now.. this is the worst case scenraio. I bought an externale modem ONLY for use with linux and now linux ain't detecting it. I'm using fedora core 4. It is a frontech USB modem and frontech has no drivers for linux. Is there any way I can still use my modem...
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