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  1. R

    Scope of a freelancer as a Programmer

    ok guys i am a computer illiterate , i mean no formal education in computers .. though i had interest in programming and developing but due to bad decisions and lack of wisdom at that point i couldn't enter this field .. Now i would like to learn programming and please those who are...
  2. theserpent

    Can i sell my photoshop works in freelancer?

    So guys can i see my photoshop works in freelancer? or does someone have to hire me :/ http://www.freelancer.com/marketplace/
  3. P

    Need assistance in Freelancer jobs...

    Friends, and of course Sir's :) I am planning to get some financial aid for my further studies in the field of Electronics and Communication Engg. I am now studying E & C polytechnic diploma. To secure my future its necessary to complete Engineering in the same field. But as you know...
  4. R

    Indian Freelancer payment options

    Hi, I plan to work as a freelancer for UK company. I will be working on their software project. I just googled and found receiving payments from foreign country is a risky business. RBI/FEMA/POLICE can harass etc. Does anyone have any idea on this? Please express your opinion :!:
  5. S


    What is freelancing? And how can i become a freelancer and how to earn money thru freelancing? -Sai
  6. maverickrohan

    Freelancer: One of The Best Games Ever!!!

    I am currently playing Microsoft Freelancer, it is a game released in March 2003. Its one of the best Space Sims ever and a really addictive game. So I decided to mention it here for the people who havnt heard of it. For more about it: Reviews: (I dont know any other game with reviews...
  7. N

    want to know about freelancer jobs

    Hi, I want to know some details about IT jobs as a freelancer. can anyone suggest some websites ,where can i find useful information. How much safe this area is to deal in ? by the way, i am jobless at the moment .
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