1. ssk_the_gr8

    rate the signature above u......

    hey guys... i think this thread was their before...but couldn't find here it is... rate it on 10 ps- only football fans can understand my signature :D come on people.....where r u 'll?
  2. gaurav_indian

    How is this football commercial?

    Just wanna share this with football lovers. Sorry if you have seen it before.:D *
  3. esumitkumar

    Link for World cup football on net needed?

    I need a link so that I can watch football live on internet there any such link.... Thanks Sumit
  4. M

    online football mathches on it possible?

    hi can we watch football matches on online internet tvs..if yes suggest me any softy for that........
  5. M

    football Manager 2006

    i guys can you tell me where can i buy the original Football Manager 2006 in India Probably in Delhi .
  6. Yoda

    Football Manager 2006

    Football Manager 2006 from Sega Will it be like FIFA from EA or totally different. Has anyone played it....
  7. Yoda

    EA Sports - FIFA 06 Soccer

    Hello Friends, FIFA 06 Soccer is Released today for PC/XBox/PS2 and others... ScreenShots from EASports And when comes to playing I presume that, most of them will prefer to play PC Version of the Game. Heres some Desc...
  8. M

    Manchester United Club Football 2005

    Hi I installed Club Football Manager 2005 Manchester United Demo. but when i start the demo it exits to the desktop. My system specs is P4 2.8 HT, 915GAG, 512 RAm
  9. G

    Football fans Hurry!!

    Hi all football fans. This is the first poll I am conducting.All the football fans reply and make your vote ya guys ( gals?)
  10. S

    Has anyone played CM

    Has anyone played Championship Manager or Football Manager?
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