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  1. P

    explorer.exe uses 100% CPU when dealing with .flv files

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and I started having this problem about 3 days ago. Whenever I open a folder containing .flv files in windows explorer, the CPU usage goes through the roof. If the view is set to show thumbnails, the CPU usage goes to 100% as soon as I open that folder. I tried...
  2. Plasma_Snake

    SKOAR vids playback problem

    This time SKOAR gave some COD4,CS and Quake vids in the DVD but they aren't the standard .avi or .flv files but rather .dm2 file in case of COD4. Know how to play them?
  3. A

    .flv player for N73

    Please recommend a good Free .flv player for Nokia N73 Music Edition. It should be able to play my already saved videos on the Memory Card. I tried out mobiTube but it does not read already saved Videos. It only reads those videos which i downloaded through it. Tell me quickkkkk...
  4. Y

    converting .flv files

    which is the best format to convert .flv files?I tried combination of avi(video) and lame(audio) in media coder, but the some files converted files defer in audio and video timing.
  5. Plasma_Snake

    FLV Converter

    I normally use Media Coder for my file conversion tasks but lately found have to generate errors while converting .flv files. Know any no-nonsense simple FLV converter? Can we use VLC for this purpose?
  6. vandit

    needed .flv player for s60 v2

    Hi guys !! I have a nokia 6681...I need a .flv player for it....plz give me some links...I tried googling but in vain..
  7. Q

    .flv convert prob

    Hello Everyone! Guys i have some .flv files which am looking watch in my tv, so i convert that files into VCD mpeg format with the help of total video converter, the converted files plays just video not the audio, what may the reason? is there any s/f to convert .flv into mpeg? And...
  8. AshishSharma

    Whats the best way to convert .FLV to .AVI

    Hi Guys, I need to convert my videos in .FLV to .AVI so that I can burn them to Disk and play them on my DVD player. I found some useful tools which can perform the job for me like Super and WinFF but I am little concerned about the loss of quality on the Video's. Can anyone guide me to the...
  9. R

    How to download .flv file from tubelist?

    How to download .flv file from tubelist?
  10. ionicsachin

    You Tube Videos...

    Think that i have just now watched a video on youtube....is there any way to find out the .flv file in temporary internet folder
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