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  1. Anorion

    Indian Govt to start cleaning offices with fragrant Cow Urine

    New Delhi: Phenyl, usually the white variety, is the cheap cleaning liquid of choice for floors across India. Anyone venturing into the shopping aisles at the Kendriya Bhandar cooperative's stores in the Capital can testify to this. Kendriya Bhandar also supplies housekeeping products to central...
  2. RCuber

    Need ADSL+Gigabit Router

    Guys, I need a ADSL Router with Wfi , preferably wireless N. Need to cover atleast two walls. Budget up to 4-5K Suggest from Linksys, ASUS and other high quality ones. im fed up of DLINK/NETGEAR/TP Link(Can't trust it) Gigabit Ethernet a Must. I already have a DLink ADSL Router +...
  3. R

    Should i use a wireless access point or router?

    i have a modem connected to linksys router at one floor of my house. i want something that can transmit the signals of that network to the other two floors.(that thing will be connected to linksys via ethernet). for this purpose i've tried using routers(belkin g wireless at one and netgear...
  4. S

    WiFi modem needed

    I need a WiFi modem for my home.There are three floors in the house.The modem should have at least 4 LAN ports,802.11b/g/n network support(All are necessary)and should cover all the floors very well.Should be easy to configure.Please suggest ASAP. I am gonna buy it from the local shops only so...
  5. B

    Wireless Router?

    Dear all, I want to install a wireless router at my home but am absolutely clueless about the various brands/range etc. My home is around 1800 sqr feet, could anyone suggest any brands for that? Would it be possible to use it on different floors as well? Does the speed of the connection...
  6. L

    Cave Entrances Spotted On Mars

  7. R

    HOME ?

    I wanted to know whether any softwares exist that can help me plan the construction of my HOME in 3D. It should help me to create walls, design floors, use lights, use furnitures, etc....
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