1. M

    LG Flatron CRT TV Beeps 1 second , no Display

    I Don't know whether this is the correct section for Troubleshooting TV Problems,so, Please let me know if This has to be moved somewhere else. My 6 year old LG Flatron 21 Inch CRT TV has started beeping and there is no Display. the time Difference is around 1or maybe .80 Seconds. Please...
  2. P

    best monitor for 15k?

    i want to buy a new monitor . Budget's around 16K. SIze should be either 23 or 24 inches. I need the monitor which has the best colour production. some options are--> 1 SAMSUNG PX2370 2 DELL u2311h 3 LG flatron IPS231p...
  3. atin

    Need a TV.pls guide

    Hi I want to buy a TV within 15K budget. I also want to be able to use it as monitor for my PC. Also I'll be buying an XBox 360 soon so the TV has to be compatible with that. I have this monitor in my mind LG-M227WA- LG 21.5 Inch LCD Flatron Monitor ? Model M227WA Is it a good...
  4. satyamy

    What should be cost of my PC - 2nd Hand

    Somebody is asking to purchase my PC approx 2.5 year Old The Config is Proc - Intel P4 3.2HT Board - Intel 865GSA 17" LG Flatron E700SH, 1GB RAM (Transcend), 160 GB HDD (Seagate), LG DVD-RW, KB-MS What prices should I ask him ? Any Guess ? :?
  5. P

    Monitor interface with ASUS M3A79-T delux

    Hey friends after long confusion between phenom X4 & Intel QC I've finalised following cong. AMD X4 9950 (9.7 K) ASUS M3A79-T Delux (14K) 4 GB 1066 DDR2 RAM Oops..... but i have a confusion I have old 17" LG flatron Monitor, which I m going to use with this system. But As shown on...
  6. G

    LG Flatron L1718S Display Problem

    My LG Flatron monitor was working very fine. It happened this week, that it got "Wave" like things going around my monitor. Its really painful for the eye. My current resolution is "1280x1024". But when i changed my resolution to "1280x960". The "waves" disappears! I have an on board ATI X200...
  7. M

    can i connect ps2 to monitor?

    hi ppl can i connect ps2 to my 17' monitor .i have lg flatron . thanks ;-)
  8. N

    what do u think? selling old monitor..

    what do u think? what shd be the selling price of 5 years old 17" CRT FLATRON LG in 100% working fine condition...
  9. ilugd

    Are the prices fair? Monitor and UPS

    I have these prices quoted by my dealer for two monitors and UPS. Are the prices ok. I seem to feel that he is quoting too much. Are there any websites where i can check the latest prices? Or if there are any models, could anyone please advise? 1. 17" Monitor LG - 4475/- with 3 year warranty...
  10. G

    TV & DVI output problem

    i have this GeFORCE fx 5200 256 MB card.i am not able to use the TV and DVI output facility. my TV is LG 29 inch flatron. i tried to connect the card wid the cable provided... but its not working.the TV screen remains blank.
  11. J

    problem with LG Flatron Monitor, Help requested.

    My LG Flatron 17� Monitor which is about 4 years old is showing problems, but only during rainy season. (humidity?) When put on, it starts hissing, sometimes loudly, there is garbled display, colour patches etc. By 15 to 20 minutes everything is back to normal and as good as when I purchased...
  12. S

    Best 17" Flat CRT monitor

    Which is the best 17" CRT Flat monitor. May have recommended the LG Flatron which is for about 8100. Would there be any better and at what price?
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