1. theserpent

    Which finance company would be better?

    So,3rd year will start in like 2-3 months,And placements in about 6.I know It's early to ask but which company is better? EY Or nothern trust both in Bangalore. Now,coming to the process it's very hard, and a few questions are based on principles based by ACCA, or journals. How do I go...
  2. B

    MBA in "finance" or "Logistics and supply chain management" ?

    Hey guys, I am in the last semester of B.B.A. I have to apply for admission in MBA course now but i am confused what specialisation should i choose. I like logistics and supply chain management but everyone i talked to, says there are very less job opportunities with it and engineering degree...
  3. S

    I need a pre shipment finance to import Jetski's in India.

    I need a pre shipment finance to import Jetski's in India.
  4. rhyansy

    Who funds your IT needs?

    I have been gaming since I was a kid, and obviously, my parents funds for my IT needs. Since then, I finance all my IT needs myself using my hard-earned money. What about you guys?
  5. theserpent

    Where should I do my mba?

    Now,I'm in my 1st year,My Uncle who is in US,said me to come to usa for my mba.Now he also said that I should vist next year may to check out the colleges and other various courses offered,from what I have heard it's better to do MBA in Either US or singapore as it's much much cheaper than...
  6. P

    Which one's the best? Bank Account : Savings with Debit Card and Internet Banking

    Hey, So I was planning to learn the Banking Process (the basics) and need a new Bank Account for LONG-TERM use. I know how to make online transactions and use DC/CC online. Have used Amazon,Flipkart,ICICI,Infibeam,IRCTC. Location : Mumbai. I am 21,studying. Here are my...
  7. bkpeerless

    Which specialization to choolse in MBA

    I have to choose a specialization for second year for my mba program. My first option is Marketing and Information System My second option is Marketing and HR I cant choose finance because I am an engineer and this finance thing dont get in my head at all. Plz suggest. I also want to...
  8. sumit_anand

    Let's go to visit Google Office

    Check out: Google's stunning new office | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! India Finance
  9. R

    Job after completing MBA in Banking & Finance

    What are the jobs that we can get after completing MBA in Banking and Finance, which Sikkim Manipal University has newly started.
  10. S

    Mba Banking & Finance Study material

    for the mba banking and finance course in Sikkim manipal university, will the study material be provided by the university and what’s the mode of exams and studies.
  11. S

    What’s the procedure of applying MBA Banking & Finance

    What’s the procedure of applying for MBA in Banking & Finance course in Sikkim Manipal Uni...., Is it online or do we have to go to the learning centre
  12. R

    MBA Banking & Finance From Sikkim Manipal

    How is the course of Sikkim Manipal Uni..... MBA Banking & Finance, guys I require your opinion as I am very keen in joining this course. Do Banks accept this degree
  13. K

    MBA Banking and Finance

    I am looking for MBA in Banking and finance, does any university provide this course and what are the duration and the fees
  14. abhijit_reddevil

    IT exemption limits raised by Rs.10000

    Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee proposed to raise by Rs 10,000 the exemption limit for women on Income Tax. For all others, the limit was increased by Rs 10,000 from Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 1,60,000. Mukherjee presented the Union Budget for 2009-2010 at the Lok sabha on Monday. The...
  15. H

    Personal Finance

    Can somebody point out a user friendly freeware for personal finance management of day-to-day expenses. It should support the Indian currency and all the other basic features for the windows platform.
  16. A

    Suggest some professional course in FINANCE.

    Hi, I am 31 yr, graduate in commerce. have done some computer course too, earlier i was a computer faculty for 4-5 years but now looking after family business, my interest has moved from IT to finance now and want to do some professional course in finance through correspondence. plz suggest...
  17. A

    Downloading Stock Related Data from Yahoo Finance Servers for Free - How to ?

    Hello friends, Do anyone of you here know a reliable way to download the stock quotes and and also the Historical data of various Scripts from the free Yahoo Finance servers , for free ? There are some softwares around which does it for you but those are not available for free...
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