1. Anorion

    Watch multiple videos at once

    Ok, so you are Ozymandias or Batman or Sherlock from Elementary The idea is to do this : you put up an array of different video feeds and watch them all together. so it can be done on this site Youtube Multiplier : Mashup and mix up to 8 YouTube videos on a single page I had a go...
  2. pranjal.3029

    Digit.in Feeds and Tapatalk

    I am a RSS Junkie and hence had subscribed to thinkdigit.com's RSS Feeds channel(feeds.feedburner.com/thinkdigit/zpzl) but since the url change and re-desgning into digit.in I can't find the link to feeds anywhere. Can someone please tell me the new url for rss or has digit team pull the plug on...
  3. utkarsh007

    Windows live messenger problem

    My wlm is posing problems. it is not updating my facebook feeds for the past 26 days. plz help
  4. Garbage

    Share your (Google Reader) RSS feeds

    Hi, It seems many of us use RSS feeds. I personally use Google Reader to consume RSS. I was thinking if we can share RSS feeds, we might get some interesting new sources. I am attaching my (Google Reader) RSS feed sources here. Members can share their RSS feeds here.
  5. K

    need a feed aggregator

    Hi... I need a feed aggregator that has following features: 1.Archives feeds 2.Displays full stories 3.can create a PDF file of the feeds 4.can send the PDF file to my email address 5.Pdf includes images 6.user is able to control the font size and style of the pdf generated please help...I realy...
  6. Plasma_Snake

    Icecast on Ubuntu

    I have installed Icecast 2 streaming server, ices 2 and ezstreamer source clients on my Ubuntu 8.10 The problem I'm now facing is with live feeds, both from Ubuntu and Windows. In Ubuntu, I wanted to use MuSE as client for providing live feeds but "apt-get install muse" installed some MIDI...
  7. F

    Learn Good English - Great Site

    *www.worldenglishinstitute.org/login Have a Look and Let post your feeds
  8. C

    How can I add "subscribe to feeds" button in Wordpress?

    I want to add a "Subscribe to feeds" button in my Wordpress blog. How can I do it?
  9. casanova

    Opera 9.51 - Feeds problem

    I am using Opera 9.51. When I click on Feeds in the toolbar I can see that I am subscribed to three feeds. I wanted to delete two of these feeds but sadly when I am clicking the manage feeds button, I can see only one of those feeds (the one I want to keep). Any idea where can I remove the other...
  10. sam_1710

    Digit RSS feeds not working on Opear 9.27

    Digit RSS feeds not working on Opera 9.27 guys... Digit forum's RSS feeds are not working on my opera 9.27 anymore.. :mad: But mysteriously.. they work like a charm on my N95-8GB's default Web Browser... :x Note: other feeds do work properly.. :| bump... :( guys... no one knows y??
  11. anandk

    Microsoft kicks off FeedSync.

    With the help of FeedSync, Microsoft will take web synchronization to an entirely new level ! The creation of FeedSync was catalyzed by the observation that RSS and Atom feeds were exploding on the web, and that by harnessing their inherent simplicity we might enable the creation of a...
  12. shreyadr

    RSS feeds ? how ?

    there are certain sites which dosen't provide feeds, how to get that ? i tried dapper.net but could not understood the way to creat the feeds also if feeds r not possible how to track changes on a webpage of the said website with a freeware. i tried website watcher but that is not a freeware
  13. T

    Dual SATA problems. PC keeps powering off

    I connected my new HDD in addition to my existing one. But after about 20 minutes of use, while i was copying about 40 gigs of music from old HDD to new HDD, the PC just powered off. no warnings, no nothing. instant power cut. Whats more, the PC refused to start up. I switched the power...
  14. alsiladka

    What is the difference between RSS and Atom?

    Hey, guys, i have seen many websites hosting both Atom and RSS feeds. What is th basic difference between the two of them?
  15. S

    can you suggest some good rss readers pls?

    Currently, I use Netvibes to keep track of my news and rss feeds. Can you suggest me some RSS Reader Programs avl. on the net for free for windows?
  16. sam_1710


    Opera 9 users... this link points to an opera widget dat gets the RSS feeds from DIGIT's site... a pretty useful widget ...
  17. R

    How to Display RSS feeds on my site?

    Hi, Can u explain me how can i display RSS feeds in to my asp site? I need FREE script for the Rss feeds. Please help me
  18. LegendKiller

    IE-7 Beta 2 Out!!!!

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 includes advancements in security and browsing experience for end users, functionality and compatibility for developers, and manageability for corporate network administrators. Beta 2 is intended to enable developers, web developers and IT pros to begin to test the new...
  19. C


    URLBase 6 is a powerful and easy to use bookmark manager. It provides a wide range of functionality, aimed to give you full control over your favourites and bookmarks, whether you’re a novice or an expert. With URLBase 6, you can store all your bookmarks and RSS feeds in one central database...
  20. N

    Add RSS Feed to Blogger.com

    Currently Blogger.com supports only Atom Feeds. Any method by which I can generate RSS Feeds for my Blog at Blogger.com
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