1. sganesh

    need help in installing joomla

    Hi, i need to setup Joomla on my local machine XP, i ve installed xamp5 and joomla1.5.8 stable edition, i ve extracted content of joomla to c:/wamp/www/,then i started xamp,when i typed in local browser *localhost/joomla/installation/index.php it says Fatal error: Class 'JRequest' not...
  2. vamsi_krishna

    Devil May Cry 4 "fatal Error"

    Hello, There is a problem in running DMC4 DEMO, when my friend launches the game the following error pops out --------------------------- Fatal error. --------------------------- D3DERR_INVALIDCALL : mpD3D->CreateDevice(mD3DAdapter, mD3DDeviceType,IMain->mhWnd...
  3. trublu

    HELP!!!!! Fatal Sytem Error!!

    Yesterday,while booting,I got a "STOP: Unknown Hard Error". Then the computer restarted automatically.I had to boot into safe mode to do my work.Today there was the same problem,but with a different message: STOP:c000021a {Fatal System Error} The Windows Logon System system process...
  4. naveen_reloaded

    Wordpress issue

    Hi all i ran into a problem recently... when my hosting site changed the msql location from `localhost` to `msql.x10hosting.com` now my blog is getting error as follows... please hepl...
  5. L

    Kernal panic -not syscing :fatal exception

    Hi all, I am tring to install Linux RHEL 4 on my Intel p4 2.66 Mhz 1 gb ram 915 G/P/GV/910 GL processor M/B. (Onboard display & Lan card ) I tryed to install GUI and test mode installtion in both after installtion give me this Error <0> Fatal exception :Panic in 5 seconds Kernal panic -not...
  6. Rollercoaster

    Firefox: Fatal error in videodownloader plugin

    hey all i downloaded firefox and installed the videodownloader plug to download some videos from the youtube website. but when i click on the videodownloader icon i get this error in the popup window. what to do? Fatal error: Call to undefined function: youtube_get() in...
  7. A

    Getting this fatal exception oe has occured at 017F:BFF9DFFF

    A fatal exception oe has occured at 017F:BFF9DFFF the current application will be terminated i got this error (Blue Screen) like for 4 times in 10 shut down attempts. when i shut down the computer i have win 98 512 mb ram pentium 4 845 computer why i am getting this error
  8. R

    Fetal Error

    :oops: What is the Fatal Error shown by the computer during working on it.
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