1. patkim

    3G falls back to 2G - Celkon A35K

    I have Idea Prepaid SIM card and my phone Celkon A35K is 3G Capable. In Pune I notice that even though I have set my Mobile Network to 3G (Only two options 2G or 3G, there is no preferred 3G option therein) in my phone, it frequently falls back to 2G. I have to then manually first set to 2G and...
  2. D

    A Tablet under 5-10K

    under 10k i heard that Micromax funbook does the best job but wen i saw reviews in flipkart are poor(battery) & HCL ME U1 (with andriod keyboard) still would like to find any other tablets should i consider... guyz suggest the best wch falls under 10k (i know its small amount tough) i need for...
  3. A

    Nokia 603

    Hi, I am on the lookout for a cellphone for my wife- budget range is 10-13K. While she is not too much of an apps person, what we do require between the two of us, is one phone with Voice Guided Navigation. I have a Xperia Neo which doesnt have this feature, but that means we need a Nokia...
  4. saswat23

    CPU temperature query..

    My PC specifications are mentioned below in my signature. My problem is that Memory meter is showing a load of ~80 when i log into my user. Slowly after that the load falls down to 0 and most of the time i get a load of ~8 (which i think is just perfect for my rig). So, how do i control the...
  5. M

    Selecting year range

    +----+--------------+ | id | drilling_date +----+--------------+ | 1 | 1984-02-12 | 2 | 1987-03-08 | 3 | 1988-11-01 | 4 | 2005-06-30 | 5 | 2009-12-28 | 6 | 1984-03-10 +----+--------------+ how can i select all data that falls between March 1984 - April 1985, March 1985 -...

    Man Falls 47 Stories...and LIVES

    I dont even know what to say. Just watch it. Source
  7. iMav

    Funny Falls - Youtube Vdo

    *www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAsYShEWfdY&mode=related&search= ^^ have a look at it its hilarious ...
  8. quan chi

    episode1 problem got stuck.help please.

    guys in half life2:episode1.in the beginning stages after the dog throws you in and after some wild rides you get out of the car.and it falls down. now what has to be done here.nothing is happening here.
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