1. R

    Which MMORPG should i try?

    Hi guys,i want to try a MMORPG game as i have tried almost all other genres.So is there any F2P MMORPG which is worth trying with good number of Indians playing(Like in Dota2)?
  2. D

    Any SWTOR players here?

    Just curious, are the any here who play Star Wars: The Old Republic? If so are you f2p, premium or a sub?
  3. comp@ddict

    Battlestar Galactica Online - F2P

    Battlestar Galactica Online| The BSG SciFi Game, Battle for Victory Head on, this Unity 3D powered MMO game is F2P, deep, engaging, and FREE! Best thing, just log in using your facebook account! Jump right in! See you in the battlespace.
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