1. vito scalleta

    explorer.exe restart in win 8.1

    Hello guys. I recently bought a samsung evo 120gb and and replaced the ODD in my laptop with it. I migrated the OS on my C: to the SSD using the samsung migration tool provided with it. and i did not format the OS on my C: . I just changed the boot order from my BIOS and booted into the ssd...
  2. savagepriest

    My Computer hangs each time I open Computer Folder in Vista

    Each time I try to open the computer folder, in my vista it hangs, i have avg free version installed along with daemon tool virtual drive. I am just not able to find out what is the root of this problem. After restarting the explorer.exe the problem is solved this happens everytime. Is...
  3. D

    Drive not ready problem in windows Xp

    hi all how to correct this problem it displays following problem : Explorer.exe Drive not ready help
  4. linardni

    explorer.exe terminating....system slow...

    My computer (Celeron 2.41 GHz, 256 MB RAM running Win-XP SP2) hangs very often whenever I double click My Documents, My Computer or Back button. On restarting, End Task window appears showing termination of explorer.exe program. I have formatted the PC for removal of virus, if any, but it's all...
  5. V

    Windows 7: Explorer.exe crashing too frequently

    Hi... I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my computer. It is working fine, but whenever I right click on any folder the menu is not shown and cursor remains in loading state and after some time the explorer crashes. Here is the event log - Provider [ Name] Application Hang...
  6. bajaj151

    Replace Explorer.exe in 7

    I can't able to replace explorer.exe...file access denied. And when I try to Save permission under Security tab....Unable to save permission. How can I replace explorer.exe ??
  7. vandit

    explorer.exe restarts .

    Hi guys. When I open my DOWNLOADS folder and point my cursor to certain files for the tooltip to appear, the windows explorer restarts. I viewed the log from the event manager and found the following entry. " Faulting application Explorer.EXE, version 6.0.6001.18164, time stamp...
  8. P

    Explorer.exe Disabled in Vista Enterprise

    I am using Vista Enterprise Edition. When I log on, desktop does not appear, for this to happen , i have to open task manager and run the file 'Explorer.exe'. Then desktop appears. Whats the problem.
  9. M

    explorer.exe prob..

    hey guys...i hv win vista installd. whenvr my computer boots, only a blank screen with the mouse pointer comes and the pc does nothing... i hv to ctrl+alt+del thn click new task, then explorer.exe.. then the computer runs all fine... pls tell me wat to do>?? thnks in advance manan
  10. ax3

    explorer.exe eating more memory ! ! !

    same as title ..... i have win xp with 512mb ram with avast & zone ... from last week on, explorer.exe is eating more memory [30k, checked in task bar] .... it used 2 b just 12k @ startup & after some programms used, 20k used ccleaner,tuneup utilities bt no use ...... even if nothing is...
  11. goldie999

    EXPLORER.EXE problem

    Hi Frnds..... Pls help me wid this problem..... I just cant access any folders and/or files from the dvd,cd and any removable disc like pendrives. An error like "the referenced memory location cannot be found...EXPLORER.EXE and APPLICATION.EXE error" Later when i again access those folders, it...
  12. kanu2k7

    Explorer.exe encountering problems

    It just started recently. I didnt installed anything but when ever i played some movies the explorer.exe just encounters a problem and shuts downs and then again restart. I have scanned all my drives for virus with NOD32 AV latest updates but still the problem presist. Please...
  13. Y

    changing startmenu text and logo

    Changing Start Button text in Win XP Before having to start it the things we have to do can be summed up as follows. First of all we have to configure the explorer.exe file which is responsible for displaying the text on your Start button. Secondly we have to do some registry edit so as to...
  14. ancientrites

    URGENT help my screen goes completely black

    this morning i installed some software after that my pc screen turns blank within five seconds all i can see is my curser. steps i took:- repair option even then it didnt work one of my friend recommended me enter ctrl+alt+del,from there click on file,you will see new task(run) and i typed...
  15. max_demon

    [TUTORIAL]Display EXIF Tags in Properties[Windows]

    Have u ever wanted to know which date the picture u shot with your camera was taken ? Forgot where u used flash? or just want to display information about that? Like This This is Properties of a Picture taken on Diwali night with my Sony Ericsson k750 , oh.. W800i this is another example...
  16. avtarkaint

    is explorer.exe safe for pc

    dear friendz i want to know that is explorer.exe, setup.exe, fooool.exe is safe for pc or not. whenever i scan my mobile memory card its show (explorer.exe, setup.exe, fooool.exe) etc is infected. what shuld i do now to delete it or no action should be taken. i m using avast proffesional...
  17. smile


    hi...guys,:) Whenever i boot in win xp after log in a message comes Explorer.exe it says Make sure u have inserted disk in A: and three options with it OK , Cancel , Try again.Can anyone tell me what is the problem....:confused:
  18. entrana

    urgent help please

    guys dont know what happened but mt explorer.exe is missing now u know what happens when it goes missing, i cant see taskbar no desktop no nothing guys help please guys help please my explorer.exe is missing could anyone please upload their explorer.exe here please please please please please...
  19. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    How to enable explorer.exe

    Each time i start system I have to type explorer.exe in task manager/Application/new process. I think due to some reason explorer.exe command get disabled. Plz tell me how to enable it permanently. Plz
  20. CadCrazy

    stisvc.exe infected with virus/spyware

    On my office computer stisvc.exe file is infected. Searched for it in google i found that it is a still image service which automatically turns on when we connect digital camera or scan some document. But in my case i never connected any one of them on my compueter. Also i noted suspicious...
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