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  1. digitalage

    path for java.exe

    Hi I have multiple installations of jre on my machine, how can I check which jre is reffered when I am using "java" command. I can check the version but I want to know exactly which java.exe is getting executed. please let me know if there is any env variable which stores it.
  2. B

    jQuery Datepicker create event does not work?

    I would like to access the create call back function. So far no luck. It appears the function is not getting executed. Any ideas where I may be going wrong?
  3. 4

    Ati radeon hd 4650

    Hi guys, i have an ati radeon hd 4650 graphic card..it is very nice and i can accelarate crysis game to a resolution of 1600*900 pixels keeping all the parameters high..not only crysis even other games like mafia 2 all gets executed in a similar way..so can u please give me a small...
  4. deepakgates

    radio button checked and not checked at same time

    okay then .... im making dynamic sql statement rmode is a radio button and tmode is a combo box im facing a hell of a problem do u see two if statement just one get executed the second one... if i put only second then it gets executed and if only first then nothing gets executed...
  5. Gigacore

    Help need for a C program! SOS

    Hi guys i'm new to C programming. I've a small assignment program, Write a Program to accept 10 numbers using one dimensional array and display them. here how i tried, but haven't executed. int a[10],i,n; printf(Enter the number of elements"); scanf("%d", &n); printf("Enter...
  6. n2casey

    C & C++ question

    Codes which can b executed in C++ can't b executed in C but is there any code in C which can't b executed in C++??????
  7. anandk

    Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein executed

    BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been executed, a witness said. "Saddam's body is in front me," said an official in the prime minister's office when CNN telephoned. "It's over." http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/12/29/hussein/index.html
  8. q3_abhi

    No registry???

    In Windows 98, Start>Run>regedit It gives the following error- Cannot find file "regedit".Make sure the path n filename is correct/ Moreover, no registry files are executed. Never got this problem before. What is to be done???
  9. ShekharPalash


    Usually browing web in whenever in jiffy I quickly bookmark pages to my "Must See" Bookmarks folder... about a week ago... don't know while browsing MSDN or some other site I bookmaked for Microsoft Update Today when I opend it in Opera, It gave me message like The specified request cannot...
  10. T

    Windows media player VIRUS!

    Can this be true? :o my wmplayer.exe files got affected by a virus kind of thing.I dont know from where i got this thing but it started bringing up some start up program called "xpsystems" it linked up some programs (.exe) from some (i think porn) websites. It got executed when i...
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