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Help in choosing: E2180 or 5000+ Black edition

which one is better for O/Cing - E2180 or 5000+ Black?

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Right off the assembly line
Hi guys:
This is going to be my first rig that I am going to overclock. I intend to get the cpu to run around 3Ghz without heavy investment in cooling. I want to spend as little as possible and get the maximum performance out of it. I rarely play games so I am looking at integrated graphics, main uses would be:
Lot of internet surfing, movies, music, and data storage
I only need the tower. After some research, I narrowed my choice down to two options:
1 Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz E 2180 - 800 FSB/1MBCache Rs 3000
2 Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (Black Edition) without heatsink and fan Rs 4500

Irrespective of which platform I go with the following components will not change.
Transcend 2 Gb DDR2 800 Rs 2000
ATX cabinet with SMPS 450w Rs 2000
250Gb SATA HDD Rs 2000
+/- DVD RW Rs 1400
I intend to use an external hard drive with eSATA and USB interface, do I need to increase my power supply? And also suggest any good External HDD cases with eSATA and USB interface. I intend to use a 300Gb HDD with it.
As I intend to overclock, by how much do I need to increase the power supply? In my research I found out that AMD 5000+ can be overclocked up to 3Ghz without changing the stock voltage. What about the E2180? Please suggest what sort of cooling will I need?

Now coming to the mother board, this is where I am stuck.
I first decided to go with the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (Black Edition) as the reviews were impressive and pairing it with the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G and SB700 Chipset Motherboard (Rs 4500), I would get everything I want.
But my mate suggested cheaper E2180 which would give me 3Ghz but I am unable to find a good mobo for it with similar specification as in the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H. I mean with HDMI, DirectX 10, good IGP, eSATA port etc.
If I get the AMD combo, I am sure I will not have to upgrade for at least for next 3 yrs. I would really like to get your opinion on E2180 setup. I would like to save further if I can. I liked what I read about overclocking E2180, but I am unable to find a good mobo with integrated graphics for Rs 4500 for E2180.
Finally, I am trying to get the whole package for Rs 17000.I would be very happy if I can get it down with E2180 combo. I only need 4SATA ports, I for eSATA and the rest for internal use, and a good IGP. I really don’t need HDMI, DirectX10 ( Do I need it?). how are Palit N73PV motherboards, they are retailing for Rs 3000.
Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
Thank you.


Bond, Desi Bond!
Dude. AMD black edition comes without heatsink and fan, which means you have to again pay for them.

Better forget about these two and get E6750. This one comes with a 4Mb cache, 1333Mhz FSB and still costs some 5.5k. Superb overclocker. Native speed is 2.66GHz so you may not need to do much overclocking.

along with it
get Abit IP35-E and MSI/evga 8600GT GPU.


At Hell's Disq
the X2 5000+ BE is no match as compared to E2180 when it comes to oc.
if u buy a mobo like IP35-E (5.3k) then u can oc the E2180 to 3.6GHz.since u wanna use this cinfig for a long term its better to buy E7200 (45nm so will oc better,costs 5.5k),abit IP35-E (5.3k) and 8400GS (2k).this config will be far better than ur X2 config.


Right off the assembly line
Guys I am trying to bring the cost of the system down but at the same time I would like to have decent performance. End of the day I would like to get a cheap dual core system with decent performance.

AMD 5000+ and Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H combo costs Rs9k, that’s my upper limit, I want to know whether I can get this down couple of grand with E2180 combo.


Bond, Desi Bond!
AMD 5000+ and Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H combo costs Rs9k, that’s my upper limit, I want to know whether I can get this down couple of grand with E2180 combo.

But you also need to get a cooler for around 1.5k - 2k. Right?



E2180 for 3k
Abit I-N73HD (nvidia 630i chipset) for 4k
MSI 8600GT for 4.5k


Broken In
By the way, The 45nm Process penryns do NOT overclock any better because they can't tolerate higher Vcore compared to the 65nm process chips. So stick to the E2180. Like they say black edition means additional cooler - so might as well get a good board - the abit is really good but don't push it too much on the stock cooler.


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i dont oc. so i don know any better but i recently bought e7200+gigabyte ga31m s2l mobo for 6000+2850 (im guessing that mumbaiites can get it for 1k or so less) e7200 has native 2.53 ghz &1333 fsb.its 45nm so i guess its futureproof
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