1. Ricky

    BT headphone quality issue from PC

    Hi, I got hand on a BT stereo headphone, it is quite good when I use with phone but if I connect it to windows 8.1 lappy, its ****. Even if I play through media player or vlc player, their equalizer won't help. I can't understand why this discrepancy while playing from PC. My lappy come...
  2. Desmond

    Zen And The Art Of Audio Equalization

    Zen And The Art Of Audio Equalization Tweaking The Equalizer For Attainment Of Total Aural Nirvana or A guide for understanding and tweaking the graphic equalizer on audio devices and media players. Music is an important part of our lives and listening to music is the royal pastime all of us...
  3. C

    Best beats audio equalizer setting?

    I'm using HP Pavillion DV7 laptop which comes with Beats audio.The sound is better but it's not mind blowing,it needs some tweaking in the equalizer.So what are the best equalizer settings? I'm looking for a setting that delivers good sound on external speakers as well as in build laptop...
  4. P

    no audio in win 7

    hey guys. i recently got a new comp and everything went perfect until i found that i get no audio at all! ive instatlled all the latest drivers but to no avail. . but wen i play a file it plays without a hitch and the equalizer too seems to be jumping up and down in the audio properties. so...
  5. Ethan_Hunt

    Media Player Classic Equalizer plug-in

    As the title suggests.I use Media Player classic for all my video playing purpose.The only major regret that I have with it is not having an Equalizer setting to it.Can anyone tell me if there is some sort of plug-in for it which I can download? Please do not suggest alternative players as I...
  6. J

    Two Files of same name at same place

    Can someone have a explanation for this. Both the Winamp shortcuts are off 460 bytes Size on disk 8 kb.And this is 100% real.So please don't say it is psed.2 days ago i installed the new version of Winamp 5.12 but uninstalled it and again reinstalled 5.01 on the same directory as the...
  7. S

    need soundcard Equalizer

    hai, i use soundmax onboard sound card. There is no equalizer in that software. i need an equalizer that control all the outputs like nvmixer.Thank you
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