1. S

    Which DSLR to buy for College?

    Hi I just got selected in a Culture and Media Course in Tata Institute of Social Sciences. I am required to work with a camera for certain projects and make photo documentaries. Other than that I also need a camera as an amateur photographer. To get an idea of my photography you can see my...
  2. M

    Software to Design Good Educational InfoGraphic?

    Hi all. I am an educational blogger associated with University18 ( ), so I need to create quality info-graphics on various educational aspects. Can anyone tell me some good tool to create better info-graphics. I have created the attached info-graphic, but I need to improve the...
  3. S

    Tablet advise needed

    Hi, I am planning to purchase a tablet for personal (me and my wife), office use (documents, emails, browsing) and kids educational use. We are not yet decided what to get. There are some tablets from local companies like HCL for 10k. Then, there is samsung tab 2 p3100 tablet at 19.3k. And...
  4. soumya

    State of the Internet in 2009 (Infographic)

    Here we take a look at exactly who is using the Internet the most, how they are using it and how much the amount of usage is increasing. At a glance, we can see that there are the same number of men and women who use the Internet. However, their age, educational background and level of income...
  5. src2206

    LiveCD/DVD Suggestion containing Educational Tools/ Games

    Hello I am looking for a Linux Distribution which I can use in a Live CD/DVD mode and dedicated to Educational Resources and Games (like Puzzles) for children. I would like to use it as a teaching aid for a child, who is about 5 years old. I have heard about Edubuntu, but the trouble is I can...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    A Distro for Indian Schools

    Hi Guys! I am on a project to build the perfect distro for common Indian schools with low end computers as an educational tool. I need the distro to fulfill the following needs: 1. Be able to teach anyone about the internals of computing 2. Have an easy to learn commandline mode 3. Be easy...
  7. A

    autocad alert?

    :mad:iam an autocad users and in one drawing now a days autocad alert me while i opend the drawing,"Educational plot stamp detected,if you continue with this problem the drawing will be plotted with the following banner"," PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT".this kind of alert shows me...
  8. vish786

    Educational & Registered Tally

    what features have been excluded from Educational Version when compared to Registered Tally. Is their any difference in both educ version & registered one ??
  9. int86

    Wanted games and sites for childrens

    I am searching for small games for childrens in age group of 8-12 years. Morever fun site and educational sites can also introduce them to web world.
  10. S

    Please review

    made an educational site. please review guys :wink:
  11. himtuna

    Educational Linux

    OS which is bundled with educational softwares and tutorials . like edubuntu Give me more :wink: :wink: linux which are specially built for students.
  12. K

    Where do i get Educational cds for class 11 and 12?

    can anyone tell me the exact website from where i can order educational cds for xlass 11 and 12... even adess will do, delhi and calcutta...
  13. S

    MIS software...?

    I was just made a part of small MIS development project of high school (+2)where my friend teaches .So i dont know much about these MIS and all but she says that she can invest some money to buy a software and install it there .. so what i wan tto know is , which is best ,may be good software...
  14. D

    Kids Educational Software Site

    Hi, can any body tell me abt kids educational software site from where i can download trial software for kids age between 2 to 11 for all category if u place a url which is from india it will be gr8 thanks
  15. rajeshjsl

    the best educational cbse site

    i want a free educational cbse site for my younger brother for free . please tell and specify and good numericals,pictures,etc site
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