1. S

    A few queries

    Hey guys I would like to know a few things: 1.Has anyone downloaded and installed Windows XP Service Pack 3? Based on your experience do you recommend it to be installed soon or does it have any compatibility problems and all? 2. I'm currently using AVG Antivirus free edition. Is it good enough...
  2. D

    Freeware to resize Windows Vista

    As Partition Magic alternative, EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition is a FREE partition management software for home users. The user interface of the Easeus Partition Manager is easy to navigate, and it allows you to see all pertinent information on one screen. With a few clicks, you can...
  3. A

    Get Ubuntu At your Doorstep

    Ubuntu 8.10, the most popular Linux distro, is just around the corner and all the Ubuntu fans are excited about it. It will include many new features like a brand new theme, new Linux kernel and Firefox 3 just to name a few. It is officially going to release on October 30, 2008, but you can...
  4. K

    want to buy a music phone

    I want to buy gud muzic PDA of HTC & other if any in Rs.20,000. otherwise any gud nokia Music edition phone in Rs.20,000.Pls tell me as soon as possible.
  5. chavo

    abt Bully: Scholarship Edition (PC)

    hi guys i heard tht Bully: Scholarship Edition is coming for PC is it true???????
  6. K

    Class 10 gprs Vs class 32 gprs

    Hi Can someone please tell how much difference exists between class 10 gprs and class 32 gprs? I am currently using Sony ericsson k310i and airtel mobile office. On pc i get downloading speed of around 4 kbps. Is upgrading to class 32 gprs set like Nokia N95 (8GB edition) going to make any...
  7. amc888

    Difference between Nokia 6233 and 6233 ME?

    What is the difference between Nokia 6233 and 6233 music edition?
  8. damked

    Microsoft cuts prices in China to fight piracy

    Microsoft slashes price of Office 2007 Student and Home edition in China to combat piracy. Article Source: *timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Top_Headlines/Microsoft_cuts_prices_in_China_to_fight_piracy/articleshow/3516350.cms :D
  9. prasath_digit

    A Book for learning Oracle10g?

    Guys, i've downloaded the Oracle10g Xpress Edition from Oracle website, I know only the basic database theory, I want a good book for learning Oracle10g Xpress edition. Advance Thanx for ur help :) No one to help me? :(
  10. george101

    Dell Introduces Art Edition For Studio Range

    Dell has launched five Special Art Edition designs for the Dell Studio 15 and 17 laptops, created by urban artist Mike Ming. The designs for the Dell Studio 15 and 17 laptops include “Red Swirl,” “Seaweed,” “Sunburst,” “Bunch O Surfers” and “Sea Sky.” Each piece of artwork is brought to life...
  11. H

    FS: Books on Linux/Unix + Others

    Have lots of these lying around, and don't need anymore. Some of them look old and little torn, which I've marked with ** 1. OOP with C++, 3rd Edition by E Balagurusamy 2. Unix Network Programming by W. Richard Stevens 3. Programming Languages, Design and Implementation, 2nd Edition by Terrence...
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