1. icebags

    BF3 multiplay with c2d e8400 options (possible overclocking discussion).....

    hi all, the mission is to play BF3 multiplayer with my existing 4 yrs old system @ medium/medium high settings with fluent FPS rates ( min fps 30+ ) @ 1920x1080 or at least 1680x1850 resolution: C2D E8400 Intel DG31PR motherboard. 2GB DDR2 RAM -Currently graphics cards is down, will get a...
  2. axes2t2

    Lets Play ____

    I want to make a "Lets Play" series on my youtube channel but am not able to decide a game.Could you guys suggest one?? Intel E8400 :neutral: Ram 2gb :evil: GeForce 8400 :cry: No games of racing genre please.
  3. sanads

    Need budget ddr3 support motherboard

    Need a ddr3 ram support budget motherboard for e8400 processor
  4. MegaMind

    Any Lga 775 mobo.

    Hi guys, my friend is in need of any LGA 775 mobo that supports C2D E8400 cpu. Expected price : 1.5K
  5. Desmond

    Overclocking Core 2 Duo E8400

    My configuration is as follows: -Core 2 Duo E8400 3 Ghz -Asus P5GC-MX/1333 motherboard -450W Odyssey SMPS -Sapphire Ati Radeon 4850 OCed to 670 Mhz I wish to overclock my CPU. Can anyone tell me what the optimal limit is on stock cooling. Also, when I overclock, only one core appears to...
  6. maverick786us

    Gaming Laptop

    I am planning to purchase a good perfomance Laptop of Dell. Here is my requirement. 1) CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo, Laptop / Mobile Equivalent of E8400 (What will it be?) 2) HDD : Min 250 - 300 GB 3) GPU : Laptop / Mobile of HD 4850 (What will it be?) 4) Display : 17 Inch 5) RAM : DDR2 4GB (As good...
  7. thilina

    A suitable mobo for Intel E8400

    Hello, Im planin to build a computer with a intel core2duo E8400 processor(Its really hard to find AMD here in Sri Lanka).I want a motherboard(budget 4k-5k) with sme decent onboard graphics.Can anybody plz suggest a good mobo in the above price range??
  8. happyNinja

    Suggest me a Motherboard for E8400

    Hi Guys, I need a motherboard for a intel Core 2 Duo E8400. Which one will be the best considering the price performance ratio. I intend to use ATi HD 4870 with it. No SLI. Budget is tight :-P and I don’t want to compromise on the processor or the GFX card. Help..
  9. yahooo.c0m

    Suggest a motherboard for E8400

    Hi, I am planning to buy Intel core 2 duo E8400 (3.0 GHz). How much will it cost in KOLKATA and what is the ideal motherboard to be paired with this processor? Good onboard graphics is preferred. My budget for this combo is 12.5K. Please reply. Thanks Soumya
  10. J

    C2D price...

    Hi, I am going to get E8400 this week. Should i wait...i mean is Intel going to cut their price any soon? :?
  11. F

    suggest proccy + mobo under 20k

    a friend of mine is thinking of getting a new processor and motherboard his budget is 20k. Use of computer : Gaming! Gaming! Gaming! lol if some money could be saved, great as he could get an aftermarket cpu/gpu cooler.. even if nothing can be saved not a problem he has an aftermarket cpu...
  12. N

    Overclocking E8400?? Help!

    Hi, I have C2D E8400 @ 3.0GHz. I want to overclock it [stock cooling] to just 3.2GHz or 3.3GHz. How can we do??? I don't know O.C CPU but I know to O.C GPU :cool:. Is it easy as O.Cing GPU or is it hard??? please give me detail explanation??:(
  13. M

    Where do i find Gigabyte or MSI G33 boards in Bangalore

    Hi All, This is my first post so please pardon my mistakes if any ;) Im from Bangalore and I wanted to buy a MicroATX Motherboard for my Core 2 Duo E8400 processor. I went around SP road today searching for it and didnt find it in any of the shops. If any of you know the street price of...
  14. george101

    Best Mobo for E8400!!!

    Hi guys decided to go for e8400. now i need a good mobo for this processor. i need one with e-sata and pcie2 as i wil be purchasing a 9600gt and a external harddisk later. my budget is 8k. plz gi ur suggestions
  15. N

    Problem with my new comp. Need help identifying problem

    I recently bought a new motherboard, cpu, and memory. having done this quite a bit, I figured everything would go something. How stupid of me to assume nothing would go wrong. Anyway, here is the problem. I have a pentium core 2 duo E8400 on a Biostar GF7050V-M7 (I was on a budget, so I got...
  16. D

    Performance Desktop for 80,000 INR

    I will be getting a new PC in August. Been doing a lot of homework over the last month. The budget is 80,000 INR. Here's what I have so far... I'd appreciate some feedback :) CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 Figured it's too early to go quad. the 8400 offers pretty similar performance to the top...
  17. R

    Overclocking e8400 with abit ip35-e

    so how much should i overclock.i have now oced it to 3.48ghz using 8x multiplier and 390freq. i've read that e8400 can be stable even at 4.1 ghz.plz provide Vcore voltage too.
  18. S

    motherboard for E8400

    hii i want to but a new machine processor E8400 but i am not able decide which mother board i have to use Asus boards look good but i cant find any good review for E8400 and asus boards:confused: planning to go with 4Gb ram and 320 GB HDD i have a 8800GTS graphics card and i heard we need...
  19. B

    new gamin PC config

    hey guyz i was planning to buy a new pc and this is the config... Core 2 Duo E8400 Abit IP35-E Kingston 800MHz 1GB * 2 Sticks XFX Geforce 8800GT 512MB Seagate 320gigs (16mb buffer) Liteon DVD Writer Coolermaster CM690+Coolermaster Extreme Power 600W Creative SBS 370...
  20. Z

    Help on first attempt at assembling a new PC

    55k Configuration for New PC -Is this good ? Hi TechGurus, I am planning to assemble a new PC for me on my own, please help me with configuration, price and tips. Please provide price and availibility in Chennai possibly with Dealer details. Usage: Image editing (Photoshop.. )...
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