1. furious_gamer

    Let me know whether a E5200 will beat E6600?

    Yes guys, i am about to buy a E6600(used) from TE and just want to know whether a E5200 will able to beat E6600? Even though E5200 has half-of-cache of E6600, some guys told me that it easily beats E6600? How come this possible? Will the use of extra 2MB of cache's shown in games? Please clear...
  2. A

    Confusion about the Processors..Please Help

    Guys, I am a bit confused. Apart from clock speed and fsb frequency what is the difference between E6320, E6420,E6550,E6600,E6700,E6750 and E6850? All are core2 duo with 4MB L2 cache. Is there anything special with E6600? Previously I had decided to go for E6600 but now I guess E6320...
  3. darklord

    Testing: New Batch of Core 2 Duo E6600

    I got a new E6600 for myself.It had some weird stepping, thought of taking it for a ride.Below is the outcome ! :D Please Note: This overclocking attempt was carried out by me and my friend 'Harshal' :) Hardware Used - Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 [Stepping-3714A244] Asus P5N32-E SLI XFX...
  4. F

    Monster and mirror :D

    Just got this cooler for my C2D E6600. No more talk just pics. Last pic to give ya guys idea of the size of this baby ;) Enjoy. its Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. Suppose to be the best air cooler out there at the moment. On the bottom see my lapped e6600. Mirror finish for optimal results...
  5. B

    Suggest a mobo for my E6600

    hi guys ,planning for an upgrade sometime soon ,need your help on this config I'm planning on a C2D E6600 RAM : 2 x 1 GB @667 Mhz ( Probably Kingston ) I'll be using this as an entertainment rig (= games,movies... ) and have no intention of setting up a SLI I'm in a bit of a...
  6. S

    Fs :c2d E6600

    Selling my C2D E6600 its an L628A stock cooler unused.. 2 1/2 years warranty remaining. asking 10k shipped, neg, Bangalore buyers perferd
  7. Pravas

    E6600 vs E6700

    hi all can anyone tell me the difference between e6600 and e6700. Please also mention its cost(also mention the place , where the price is so).
  8. anarchy0x

    best MOBO with E6600

    Which is a good MBO with E6600? n what features i should look for while looking for a MBO? like nvidia sli etc.. n wat do they mean??
  9. V

    Wat would be the likely cost of this config ?

    proces : C2D E6600 Mobo : ASUS (P5W DH Deluxe) Gpu: 7600Gs Xfx Ram : 512 * 2 (DDR - II @ 667) - transcend (i heard We get only Fake Corsair Pieces in India) Smps: 500 Watts Zebronics Hdd : 250Gb Seagate Baracuda @ 7200 Rpm Moniter : 21' Philips Crt Cabinet : Zebronics Lava Ups : 800 va...
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