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  1. Sking

    new dv6 7000 series

    MAG CUBE: HP lists out first Intel Ivy Bridge Pavilion Laptops - dv4, dv6 and dv7 initial prices will be high.
  2. A

    Low fan speed for hp pavilion Dv4 laptop!!

    I am using speedfan and found out that even on temperatures like 70 c fan is not working on full speed.:-o and also speedfan is not able to detect my fan. please suggest some solution for it or any way to keep it cool. Any suggestions will be good. My configuration is: hp Pavilion...
  3. D

    DV4 3016 TX Video Review Needed

    Hi Friends, I am planing to buy a Dv4 3016 Tx :grin::-D:-D. I got good help from your threads but I desperately required some Video Review with some Game play , pref. COD 6 and Black ops. Show me the magic of HD 6750m ...... Hope You can help me ..........................:?::?::?::?:
  4. S

    some clarifications on dv4 3016tx please

    hi everyone, I have read all the post and everyone seems to be recommending the dv4 3016tx for below 45k range. so i am thinking to go for it. But still I need a final confirmation from u guys. 1st : There is coolsense , so no heating issue, right? 2nd : people are saying the screen is...
  5. T

    Help regarding buying a laptop

    Hello, I am a college student and I move around the campus a lot and also travel once a month. I am traveling to US this summer and intend to buy a laptop from there. I need a lightweight, sturdy laptop which can be taken around easily and is good for reading, browsing, Office applications, and...
  6. hskpunjabi

    which is better

    hi friends,i am going tu buy a laptop,i want ur suggestions about which one is better dell inspiron 14 /dell studio 14 or hp dv4 2123tx/2126tx...? n' which is better hp or dell? thanks
  7. S

    Vaio vs Dell vs HP Pavillion

    Hello Im looking to buy a laptop for 40k (streachable by few k) Primary use is s/w development, movies and music. No gaming at all. 320GB hdd will be ok, 4GB ram is a must, Gfx card not needed. Im confused which to buy, Sony E series based i3 laptops ? Dell Inspiron i3 or i5 ? Dell Studio i5...
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