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  1. T

    Strange pc problem

    Hello all! Am suffering from a few strange problems with my pc. 1. During startup I dont see any display sometimes. At other times I see different dull colours for few seconds. Again sometimes I see the display area changing sizes with those dull colours. I keep restarting the pc and if I am...
  2. R

    For @Desiibond

    Hey Desiibond, I was reading here in one of the threads, dont exactly remember which one where you mentioned you had done a review on the Nokia N900. I could not find that thread again and so could not go through your review also again. I had a question for you. When you reviewed the N900 what...
  3. damngoodman999

    Why TDf guyz ABSENT ??

    I was wondering where all the guyz in the TDF forum went ?? now a days i dont see many of them , the replies are becoming Dull - many of them are vanished ?? why any particular reason ?? :sad: Threads are becoming very less !! :sad:
  4. Faun

    Good bye all, I am leaving :)

    Goodluck, this forum is dull now
  5. saurabhpatel

    LG Launches 3MP Camera Phone for 8k

  6. a_k_s_h_a_y

    whats your fav dialouge ??

    i wanted to share my fav dailouge or words in Warcarft III 1st part prince arthas used to say " NEVER A DULL MOMENT ! " that my fav.... some truely inspiring words there !!
  7. EinSTeiN

    Seminar help needed

    :( I've been assigned to give a seminar to my class next week abt the rather dull topic of "The History of Computers" Can anyone plz help on thic topic?? :?:
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