1. Cyberghost

    Latest PC DRM tech too hard to crack, “no more cracked games in two years,” says cracking group

    A recent advancement in DRM technologies has helped many AAA title remain un-cracked for longer than they’ve ever been able to. Just Cause 3 is the latest example. Pirates and game-cracking groups that reverse-engineer DRM protection to make many PC – and sometimes console – games...
  2. Cyberghost

    An update for Windows is rendering many older game discs unusuable

    Microsoft has released a security update for Microsoft Vista 7 and 8 that will stop game discs that use Safedisc DRM from working. This was already the case for Windows 10, which also doesn’t support discs running SecuROM, but these games were previously still usable on systems running...
  3. Cyberghost

    Report: Games with SecuROM and SafeDisc DRM won't run under Windows 10

    We found out earlier today that Microsoft, through Windows 10, can disable pirated games (specifically, Microsoft games) on your PC. In light of that, it's a bit ironic to learn, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun's translation of a Rocket Beans TV interview with Microsoft's Boris Schneider-Johne...
  4. Extreme Gamer

    Shuhei Yoshida confirms that DRM is coming to PS Vita

    Oh noes... Sony's CEO confirms that DRM is coming to PS Vita : gaming DRM coming to PS Vita - GameSpot.com DRM coming to vita
  5. Desmond

    [WTF] DRM Chair

    Is DRM going too far? Even a million facepalms are not enough. *vimeo.com/60475086 I sometimes wonder whether the human race even deserves to exist.
  6. Samarth 619

    Woes of DRM: The punishments of being a legal & moral customer.

    Let me introduce myself, Samarth is my name. I'm an avid biker, so if you're into motorcycles, I'm the man to ask. Pulsar or Karizma? R15 or CBR150R? Ask me...! I have recently got a laptop Inspiron 15R, which has: Core i5 3210M running at 2.5 Ghz-3.1 Ghz, 4 GB RAM DDR3, 1 GB integrated...
  7. R

    Which ebook reader to purchase?

    I am thinking to buy an ebook reader. I liked the specs of kindle, but it has lot of limitations w.r.t. store and DRM. Which ebook reader would you suggest. My price limitation is ~ $120
  8. pauldmps

    Ubisoft Eases up a bit on their DRM

    Source: Ubisoft Axe Draconian DRM > News on Games Gaming > Tech2.com India However, the DRM would still check for authenticity of the game everytime the game is started up.
  9. bajaj151

    How to download Online Videos ?

    I want to download embedded videos in one of my coaching class site... I already tried : Jaksta IDM Youtube downloader WM Recorder (Error: DRM Protected).........but can't able to download Is there any other way to download videos ???
  10. bajaj151

    Download DRM Protected Video

    Is there any way through which embeded DRM Protected Videos can be downloaded ???
  11. NewsBytes

    Mass Effect 2 system requirements revealed; won’t come with annoying DRM

      Well gamers, it looks like Bioware has paid heed to all the criticism it received for the annoying digital-rights management security tools it used for Mass Effect. Apparently, the sequel for the popular action-RPG game will not be coming with any sort of DRM for the PC version of the game...
  12. 24online

    Ebooks sites - official

    there are many ebook sites which provide free ebooks....but some are difficult to get.... sometimes, when searching ebook, free download link come first after buying site(official)..... i think, publishers may give support for marketing their books by providing free ebook copy....also original...
  13. Faun

    DRM is Awesome......NOT !

    DRM in the game that only allows you to install it three times. Past that you have to contact EA and explain to them why you'd want to load your purchased game more than the amount of times they've determined you should be allowed. Read Moar... Moar link to read review lolz this is...
  14. iMav

    Napster’s Entire 6 Million Track Catalogue Now DRM Free

    Go praka go! yay! wtf! :oops: CNet
  15. CadCrazy

    DRM DRM: Silverlight 2 Gets DRM

    Good News for DRM'd Man Praka :D Microsoft's Flash killer, Silverlight, is on track to get digital rights management just like the company's latest Windows client, Windows Vista. Microsoft has faced a barrage of criticism over the content protection capabilities in Vista, and the subject is...
  16. iMav

    Amazon to provide DRM free songs globally

    In perhaps the biggest threat to Apple's global dominance of digital music, Amazon just announced the international rollout of Amazon MP3. Right, the on-line storefront offering DRM-free music from all four major labels. That's 3.3 million songs (priced at $0.99 or less) from over 270k artists...
  17. gxsaurav

    Apple sued over supposed iTunes monopoly, being mean to Microsoft

    [CENTER] Source where is prakash? I guess it's time he should start hating the pioneer of DRM in Music market , crApple
  18. H

    Sony: DRM Officially Dead

    SOURCE Good riddance!!
  19. praka123

    Sony BMG cautiously exploring DRM-free future

    Sony BMG cautiously exploring DRM-free future By Eric Bangeman | Published: January 04, 2008 - 11:45AM C Right now, if you want DRM-free music from Sony BMG, you'll have to buy a non-copy-protected CD or follow the company's byzantine instructions on how to circumvent...
  20. praka123

    one license, DRM scheme to rule them all

    EU: one license, DRM scheme to rule them all By Nate Anderson | Published: January 03, 2008 - 02:05PM CT Companies that want to sell online content in the European Union know that the common market doesn't apply to...
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