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  1. R

    Print2PDF Question [ RAM/ Page File ][25GB+ -Usage]

    Why is 19MB word document to PDF conversion showing high usage in printer spooler Its climping 25GB +:o When i use Foxit reader's build in Print2PDF it shows Insufficent RAM warning ,so i am using CuteWriter_ Print2Pdf Details of DOcument i am printing WOrd file - Text & Graphics...
  2. shreymittal

    Flipkart's DELIVERY OF CASH (DOC)

    Flipkart introduced... DELIVERY OF CASH (DOC) Delivery from withdrawal symptoms... Two years after the launch of its era-changing Cash on Delivery option, Flipkart gears up to initiate its one-of-a-kind Delivery of Cash service. You no longer have to visit ATMs for that much needed money! Just...
  3. C

    Suggest tablet for pdf reading

    Hello folks, I want to buy a tablet to be used as an e-reader(pdf ,chm ,doc...etc) My budget is 15,000 Rs. Please suggest a tablet.
  4. avichandana20000

    TDF Kolkata Overclocker's Meet 2013

    Time for Overclocking sessions... Place: @ MY HOME Date: 26thJanuary 2013, SATURDAY Time:11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Entry Fee: OC+FOODING =500 ONLY FOODING: 200 Last date of enrolment: 22/01/2013 11:59:59 PM. What exactly we are going to do: Simple,Bring your System with PSU excluding...
  5. arpanmukherjee1

    Reliable PDF to DOC converter

    i want a reliable pdf to doc converter that >does not effect the formatting of text >will convert the file without deleting any text i want it to convert 50-60 paged multiple pdf reports to doc, without checking for errors if the s/w works and is paid, i will buy it.
  6. A

    pdf ,word , doc, viewer for mobile.

    Hi , all Can someone assign me good latest version of pdf ,word , doc, viewer for mobile.
  7. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Office 2007 and Vista problem...Urgent###

    I am using Windows Vista Home Basic on Compaq v3424au notebook and have installed Office 2007... When i try to open any file (ppt,xppt,doc etc.) the application (word, powerpoint) hangs. When i try to create a new doc or ppt thru templates, it still hangs. I am unable 2 edit my files...plz...
  8. Charley

    PDF to DOC converted file

    I converted a pdf file to doc file, but now I want to cut/crop a part in that doc file and save it, what should I do ?
  9. shady_inc

    Google your name

    Just enter your full name in quotes on google and hit search.find out how famous you {or atleast your namesakes} are!! I am a well-established doc. in NZ!!!:p
  10. K

    Problem in downloading PDF doc

    Hello! I'm facing a peculiar hitch for not being able to download a PDF doc. from a bank's website nor it could be dwnldd in Excel format in my office PC (WinXP Pro, SP2). I've Adobe Reader 8 installed in the system already. The site has arrangement to dwnld. the desired information in both the...
  11. nishant_nms

    Software to convert PDF to DOC

    I want a software to convert PDF to DOC. Plz help Thanx in advance and HAppy Holi
  12. satyamy

    Bluetooth from PC to Mobile........??

    I went to my doctor for regulary check-up their i saw one man (doc. frnd) came & he on' his cell phones blue tooth & doc double click on a button in his desktop (which says bluetooth) after this that man say i found one (intel PIV) doc. said that mine & than doc. also find one mobile in his PC...
  13. iMav

    word 2k7

    does word 2k7 feature multiple windows .. like if i open 1 doc ... a close button tht will only close the doc and not the entire program ... found this in exel 2k7 .....
  14. I

    Need Some software called star Doc

    In the last year in the digit magazine the tool called star doc has been in the issue of the digit from which the taskbar of the windows get removed & quick launcher is look in the ovel shape so if any body have the same or the other software which works as it is pls send to me Omkar
  15. plsoft

    PDF to DOC

    Which software is best for converting .pdf files to .doc?
  16. khansdream

    Doc to Pdf

    Help me to find a best, and of-course free, s/w to convert Doc files to PDF format.
  17. A

    To import worstar files in ms word doc format.

    Helo I have tonnes of old files (records) worstar4 (.ws) format. I cannot aford to loose them. I wish to import these wordstar files in MS Word (doc) files.Please tell how to import files without loosing text formats. Anil V. Chaudhary. anilvc31@gmail.com
  18. T

    Count bullets in Ms Word

    hello there, i have a query...& itz taht i have a Ms word doc , in which there are a number of bulleted text. I wish to count the number of bullets in the doc.....is there n e way to do so? Like we can count number of words , number of lines....can we count the total number of bullets...
  19. S

    pdf to doc

    how can i convert my word docs to pdf
  20. Thor

    How to Use Macro along Batch Conversion in WordXP?

    Hey There! I hv created a macro in Word XP. When a Html document is copied into Word XP , using this macro I can reformat it. What I wud like to do is Using Batch conversion property Word XP convert all the HTML to DOC and use the macro at one go. i.e the macro will format the DOC parallely as...
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