1. R

    BSNL Frequent Net disconnection

    Device : TD8816 ADLS + Modem Router is my SNR Margin /Line attenuation ok ? when i get Disconnection i see CRC error Note: Initially BSNL told its issue with Modem , i bought modem from father office and same issue with it also .Bsnl is telling me to bring the device to their office
  2. R

    [BSNL][ADSL] Unstable

    i am using BSNL connection , lately i am having frequent net disconnection , atttached image showing status valued , does this values means low QTY net? I am having frequent Disconnection problem's
  3. sanny16

    Frequent internet disconnection

    I use MTNL triband 752 kbps unlimited plan with wifi connection. Modem model: 450TC1. I stay in navi mumbai. There is frequent disconnection of net after regular intervals. The four led (green) is on all the time, but my network symbol changes to local connection only. I am using windows vista...
  4. J

    21 Mbps data card

    I want to buy a 21Mbps data card. I have decided to go for huawei e355. Are there any heating issues with this card? Disconnection issues? I will be using it for long hours. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. nil_3

    Regular broadband disconnection

    I have a BSNL Home 500 (dynamic IP) Internet plan with DLink DSL502T ADSL modem. I experience compulsory disconnection and automatic re-connection at an interval of 25-30 minute when the modem is configured in PPPoE/PPPoA mode. As a result, downloading gets stopped (but surprisingly IP address...
  6. enticer86

    Airtel Broadband disconnection

    Hello friends, Am currently using Airtel BB and want to shift to MTNL, since MTNL speed is better, and cost is less. I talked to airtel CC abt disconnection. I was shocked to hear that the modem, even though purchased, is the property of Bharti, and that I'd have to return modem+ the fone...
  7. bhushan2k

    ADSL Router Problem

    hey guys....i hv bsnl broadband connection.....n i hv PRONET PN-ADSL 101E/U ADSL 2+ Router....here is the link. But m suffering from net disconnection problem....every time when i download sumthin occasionally net gets disconnected...what should i do....even i hv new branded lan card...bt i...
  8. Z

    Sol : Dataone disconnection Problem ( Modem )

    :) :) :) Many of you who use BSNL Dataone 500 or Unlimited may have experienced some problems like frequent disconnections. For those who use Rs500 per month, this might be in the night. The problem is the overheating of the modem. Usually, the modem gets overheated and hangs up when you...
  9. A

    Disconnecting Modem without turning off power!

    Hello friends ! Can someone please instruct me how to disconnect my modem [SmartAX MT882] without turning off the power switch or telephone cable.I would like to know if anything can be done after logging into * this page using a browser or not. And would that sort of a...
  10. a_medico

    Reliance R-connect LG - How to avoid frequent disconnection?

    Relaince R-connect City - Jaipur Mobile Handset - LG Rd2130 Range - Full Problem - Frequent disconnection / Dormancy Mode Is there any way to remain connected without disconnecting again and again? Thanks a_medico
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