1. ghantaukay

    Mouse cursor disappears and cannot type

    Lately, while using Word or Excel I notice the page refreshing (a slight blip) and the cursor disappears and then the keyboard stops responding and I have to click the mouse for the program to continue and then it happens again and again. This happens even in Notepad. I think it must be a driver...
  2. rst

    loud sound from cabinet

    Recently whenever I start my computer, a loud murmuring sound is generated and after sometimes it disappears. What is the matter? plz help:|
  3. H


    Hi I have a compaq Presario V3000 laptop using Vista home. I face a problem with my Pointer (Synaptics touch pad), That once the computer is not in use for some time and goes to sleep, on waking up the pointer disappears and I have to restart the system to get it back. This happens even if I...
  4. R

    Wall Paper

    Whenever I reboot my PC, my chosen wall papers disappears and only block screen is visible. Again if I choose a wall paper I remains on the screen as long as I do not switch off my PC. If I reboot it, it disappears again. What is reason & any solution?
  5. S

    dekstop disappears on opening any folder

    when i try to open any folder in windows xp sp3 the desktop disappears i have avg 8 free, zone alarm, adware,spybot,spy sweeper please help me i have a project deadline
  6. S

    Hard disk fails after 15 minutes

    hi all, I have a strange problem. i have 2 hard disks 160 GB sata2 + 200 GB PATA... the problem is that when i start the computer then everytime both hard disk work fine for first few minutes then after around 15-20 minutes my computer hangs for 1 second and then my 200 GB PATA HDD just...
  7. abhishek.bandodkar

    GTA San Andreas refuses to start

    i tried installing from 2 sets of CD's from my friends.The CD's extract then when i click on the icon the hourglass symbol comes for a split second and disappears. i have a DVD-Rom and AMD Sempron 2800+,786MB of DDR 400MHz RAM and onboard graphics.Pls help me
  8. nileshgr

    Noise for 3 minutes!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!

    Whenever i start my pc, for some time (about 3 mins.) a jammed fan noise is there and after it disappears. The sound seems to be coming from the SMPS fan. Do i need to clean it?? Or what???
  9. C

    Beryl problems on fedora 6

    Hi, I have a fedora core 6, I installed beryl from fedora repositories, the problem is, the beryl-manager starts, but the window border disappears. Even if i choose compiz window manager it doesn't change.
  10. M

    CD Drive icon disappears!!!

    Hi all, My friend is having one peculiar problem . His CD drive icon gets disappears some times. I checked with my CD drive and also with others but same problem encounters. He has Dual OSes but the same problem found in both OSes. Some Times it detect and some times it doesn't. So...
  11. B

    yahoo & firefox

    while using ie6, emoticons can be inserted in yahoo mail, but not with firefox, the whole toolbar disappears.. why is it so???
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