1. R

    Android Smartphone with dimensions similar to Galaxy S2

    Hello, I have been using my Samsung Galaxy S2 for 5 years now, and I really like the phone, particularly because of its size, which is really comfortable for me to fit in my palm. I am looking for an android smartphone with dimensions as close to S2 as possible. 1. Budget? ->20K, may be...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Coolermaster Hyper 103 (CPU Cooler)

    Hai, Coolermaster Released their new cooler from "Hyper" stables called Coolermaster Hyper 103. Code: RR-H103-22PB-R1 The Cooler Master Hyper 103 is an affordable mainstream Heatsink delivering great cooling performance on all modern platforms thanks to the special fin design with Cooler...
  3. R

    The Lenovo Ideapad Y510p Thread

    This laptop puts some serious power behind your multimedia – whether games, movies, or music. Premium graphics, audio, and processing technology add that extra boost to whatever entertainment you have queued up, and the unique, interchangeable Ultrabay lets you upgrade instantly...
  4. abhidev

    Amazing Spiderman announced (Reboot)

    This game will be released alongside the new movie. The game will be developed by Activision owned Beenox studios who’re behind the last two Spidey games, Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time. Check out the leaked trailor GsT9xxTU2r8 Source--> Tech2
  5. doomgiver

    What is the 3D Visual experience

    3d? wtf is that? its just a fake pseudo dual channel 2d image projected stereoscopically so that our color-filtered eyes can percieve them at a slightly different angle, and be fooled into believing that it is actually happening in 3 dimensions, not 2. so, why the fuss? its not going to let...
  6. saz

    Compatibility of CM-Hyper-212-Plus-CPU-Cooler with GA-880G-UD3H motherboard

    Hi, I just wanted to know if Cooler-Master-Hyper-212-Plus-CPU-Cooler HSF is compatible with GA-880G-UD3H motherboard with AMD Phenom II 955 processor. Also the cabinet I have is CM 430, so the dimensions for the cabinet are good enough to accomodate the cooler. Thanks!
  7. utkarsh009

    dimensions of cabinet

    hello! can anyone list the dimensions (length x breadth x height) of mini tower, mid tower and full tower cabinets? which of these can accommodate amd radeon hd 6850? i dont know to which category my cabinet belongs as it is of a branded zenith pc. how to check it? (tell me the dimensions as i...
  8. 4T7

    Toshiba, IBM and AMD develop smallest, most stable FinFET SRAM to date

    Toshiba, IBM and AMD have announced the joint development of a new SRAm cell with an area of only 0.128 square micrometers. "SRAM cells are key components in integrated circuits and are an important technology metric in the semiconductor industry," Jeff Couture of IBM said. "This highlights...
  9. Sathish

    buying Altec Lansing VS4121.. need suggestions

    i am now at buying Altec Lansing VS 4121 2.1 speaker system for 2.8k in chennai. here is the tech specifications.. package includes: 2x Satellites 1x Subwoofer 1x 6ft. 3.5mm Stereo cable 1x Console Gaming Y-adapter 1x Manual 1x Quick Connection Card Specifications Satellite -...
  10. Garbage

    Seeing in four dimensions

  11. ashu888ashu888

    [Ques]: DVD Cover Dimensions.

    Ok guys, I want to know wat Dimension shud a DVD Cover be in order to fit on the DVD Case (on the outer side). I hv many DVD Covers (onto my HDD wich i d/loaded from various sites) and they all hv various dimensions like: 800x600, 1024x679, 1612x1081, 1471x1000, 626x768, 1200x800. So im...
  12. linardni

    Video clips out of dimension...help

    Using Canon Powershot A430 I have shot a 640X480, 10fps AVI videoclip and burnt that in a CD through Nero. The output CD contains an autoplaying DAT file. However the video dimensions are out of screen with considerable loss in video quality. What to do so that the video quality remains intact...
  13. C

    maximun screen dimensions

    frnds i wnna buy PDA or Stndard mobile having maximum screen dimensions supporting html directly.budget no matter... all modern techs should included such as 3G ,GPS,EDGE,WI-FI
  14. Vishal Gupta

    How to Reduce the size of GIF file w/o loosing animation?

    Guys! I hv an avatar of 100x100 pixels and size 91.91 KB. I want the method and s/w so that I can reduce its size and dimensions ( 80x80 ) without loosing the animation in it and the quality as much as possible! Is there any way?
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