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  1. anirbandd

    [URGENT] Locked out of Files/Folders - Win 7 - HELP!!

    Hi all, I have a p/w protected admin acc. I created a Guest account for my dad to use the comp while im not around. I tweaked a few user access controls via the Security tab on Properties dialog on my main storage partition [E: drive], and by mistake selected the "Users" group and made all the...
  2. DizitalNovice

    Deny access to files in Win XP

    I have two queries: 1: How can I deny access to certain files or folders in windows xp. I want some VB code or method which can prevent deletion and/or reading of certain items. Ideally, the file can be anywhere, even on a pen drive, and if I double click on it or press del, it says access...
  3. L

    software communucating with smss.exe, allow/deny?

    hi, i see invariably many processes wanting to communicate with smss.exe, zonealarm asks for permission... however, whether i allow or deny, the program seems to start running. windows media player, trojan hunter 2 of the programs which asked for the communication with smss.exe. what is it...
  4. D

    WindowsXP User Accounts - Administration

    I’m back with another problem though this time it is Folder Security. To be specific I want to deny others access to certain folders. I have a P4 machine running Windows XP Pro [Config not required since it is totally OS related]. Besides the built in admin account there are two more...
  5. Charley

    Prob with Spybot 1.4

    i installed the softie couple of days ago & everytime i detect spyware in the startup , a pop up comes and says do u want to remember this decision, there is no option of always or deny change which i'd earlier in version 1.3. finally it doesnt remove the spyware cos of this and mentions...
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