1. Ricky

    Negative Experience Ordering a phone , being delayed and delayed and delayed

    I have purchased things from eBay, flipkart and even shopclues but worst experience was with snapdeal, I wish I had seen seen previous threads here. Now I have cancelled order and huge money has stuck with them, I hope I get refund soon. So making it short, I ordered a costly phone ...
  2. The Sorcerer

    AsiaIT Expo 2011 delayed

    and the cancelled happens barely few days before it was supposed to start.
  3. S

    new xperia mini

    sony said it will be releasing in q3. well q3 is about to start but no news of it. anybody know when it will be released? or this one is also going to go the xperia neo's or pro's way like delayed release in india?
  4. kanu2k7

    delayed write fail error

    Hey guyz! I am having a problem with my PC. Delayed write fail problem, I have Windows Xp Professional with SP3 with two hard disk 160GB and 500GB both seagate. the problem is that few weeks ago this delayed write fail error started to come up. Exact error was. Delayed Write Fail error unable to...
  5. VarDOS

    GTA IV for PC Delayed Until December 2nd

    GTA IV for PC Delayed Until December 2nd Rockstar has confirmed that the PC version of GTA IV will be delayed by more than a month until December 2nd. The reason behind this delay remains unknown, but the game maker has at least released the minimum and recommended system requirements for...
  6. sagar_jxd


    Hey when is GTA4 Coming for PC and when in india i have heard it is delayed is it right????????????
  7. N

    Xperia further delayed to Dec08 or Jan09

    SE Xperia has been further delayed to Dec08 or Jan09 Source: *
  8. Anindya

    Windows Delayed Write Failed.

    Hey guys just now i got this message which says `Windows Delayed Write Failed`. And the pc is working very slow and getting stuck and then working fine again. What can be the problem?
  9. F

    Gta IV Gets Delayed

    GTA IV release delayed until the second quarter of 2008. *
  10. pushkaraj

    Delayed write failed!!!

    I hav 3 hard disks(80 + 40 + 40). On one of the 40gb hd, i hav kept a single partition of 37gb out of which 36gb is occupied(I now regret doing dat:mad: ). Of late, whenever i copy any data from that hd to other hds it takes a long time and if i stop the copying process, then i get the error...
  11. T

    another anniv issue delayed

    i got this email from digit Re: DIGIT- Jun 2007 Dear ************** Thank you for subscribing to DIGIT Your DIGIT Subscription Code is: ****** We would like to inform you that the delivery of the Digit Anniversary Jun 2007 issues has been delayed due to anniversary issue. The...
  12. E

    When would Vista final version release

    I ve gone crazy by the Vista GUI ..i had kept an eye on the count down image which showed release by jan end , but the countdown too dissappeared , is the release delayed or already released ? i ve been away from the tech life for a while :) please reply
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