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delayed write fail error

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Livin my Dreams
Hey guyz!
I am having a problem with my PC. Delayed write fail problem, I have Windows Xp Professional with SP3 with two hard disk 160GB and 500GB both seagate.
the problem is that few weeks ago this delayed write fail error started to come up. Exact error was. Delayed Write Fail error unable to save aal the data on K:/$Mft.
I tried everything from booting to safe mode which is taking quite a long time around 10 mins. i tried to do a check disk from my computer and it just hung my PC. I had to restart again and tried to do a chkdsk from cmd it starts but in the second stage it just stops with an error saying readable file record segment 12815 is not writeable.
I also tried to change a registery setting of large system cache by setting the value to 1.
but still the same error.
Please help me guys I dont know what to do now.
Not open for further replies.
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